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• 3/15/2019

How to win all events in gran turismo 4

I am a biginner in gran turismo 4 because i am suck in driving anyone who can teach me how to win it

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• 3/13/2019

Gran Turismo 1 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 '91

Race Number 2 Megaspeed Cup

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• 3/13/2019

Gran Turismo 1 PlayStation

You know I love TVR Griffith 500 :)

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• 3/9/2019

If they made it then why not have the 722

They made the slr mclaren but they completely forgot about the 722 edition
Dont know why but they should really add it
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• 1/31/2019


Just getting started in Race Sim Games. I'm playing a lot of GT 6. Can anybody give me some advice to get better?
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• 1/24/2019

Old Gran Turismo Tracks in GT Sport?

Since we had Special Stage Route X come to GT Sport, do you think there's a chance that some of the other old original tracks might return?

And if so, what do you think could be next?

P.S. I find it funny that people kept asking for old 'original' tracks, and when we get one people complain because it's SSRX.

This is what you were asking for, guys! Stop whining!

(You know, it would have been better if you were more specific.)

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• 1/19/2019

Favorite car and least favorite car in gt6

Favorite is red bull x2011 and least favorite was this old Citroen which had a top speed of 50 mph
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• 1/12/2019


I was told that gt6 has route 11 in its coding and intro. I can't seem to find it in the intro and what layout is in gt6.
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• 1/9/2019

FANDOM Technical Updates Blog Post

As Community Councilor, part of my responsibility is keeping this wiki's members and contributors updated on the various technical updates and fixes as they are posted by FANDOM staff. You can read the blog as it is updated here. Stay tuned for more info!

Any questions regarding FANDOM's policies, features, or just want to provide some feedback? Drop a comment here or on my message wall.

Keep racing, and see you out on track!

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• 1/4/2019

3000GT VR-4 Turbo For GT3 Proper Car Tuning Specs.

Hello, StarSeedAndromeda here.

Well, What i have here is a wicked Car spec set up for the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo for Grand Turismo 3 A-Spec.

First off the Power this car gains from the 4th turbo is just far to much!! Now With the Stage 4 turbo installed, you drastically need to tune your car!!!!!!!!

"For to much power comes many walls!"

So to keep your car on the track? Follow my settings and you will never have that problem with the 3000 VR-4 Turbo

If you are using a test track? or if you are about to race and you are at the window were you can go to settings? Follow these following steps.

- Click settings.

- Click settings again.

- Next you will see your Car Spec page, with 4 Red circles indicating Shock settings, Brake Settings, Transmission Settings & Down-force and Traction settings.

Here you will Change your cars Driving Dynamics in a Good or even a Bad way, it was all Trial and Error for me setting up this car, let alone the Pikes Peak lmfao. (You will find out)

So enjoy my Settings, i hope you like?


-Spring Rate (Front) 15.5kgf/mm (Rear)12.0kgf/mm

-Ride Height (Front) 101mm (Rear) 110mm


-Shock Bound: (Front) LVL 3 (Rear) LVL 6

-Shock Rebound: (Front) LVL 4 (Rear) LVL 7

-Camber Angle: (Front) 2.3 (Rear) 1.5

-Toe Angle: (Front) 0 (Rear) 0

-Stabilizers: (Front) LVL 2 (Rear) LVL 5

Next you click Triangle to go back to the Red Circles indicating shocks, brakes transmission & Down-force setting.

Here you will then Click X on the brakes (second from the left) and change the following settings.

-Brake Balance (Front) LVL 20 (Rear) LVL 14

-The reason why you need the front Brakes at 20? The car has so much Power and Weight, that even with the weight reductions you can buy in the tune shop, This car still is hard to stop as the weight is still there, matched up with crazy 1000+ HP. you can put it down if you want for more softer brakes? but i warn to not pass 18!!

Next you click Triangle to go back to the Red Circles indicating shocks, brakes transmission & Down-force setting.

Here you will click X on the Red Transmission symbol (3rd from the left) and change the Transmission Specs.

-(I do not have currently the specs for the top 3 limited slip settings, however i do have the best Gear ration for many tracks.

- Gear ratio for hard corning tracks set to 30.

- Gear ratio for medium cornering tracks, more long stretches set to 35.

- Gear ratio for Easy cornering tracks, all long stretches to 39.

- Gear Ratio for the test track and oval track set to 42 MAX.

(I have tried the Gear Ration at 40 and beyond for tracks with Medium, even easy tracks. However the transmission response time is too long for how the car should be performing for the best driving experience with this 3000GT VR-4 Turbo.)

Next you click Triangle to go back to the Red Circles indicating shocks, Brakes transmission & Down-force setting.

Here you will click X on the Red Down-Force symbol.(4th from the left.) and change the Down-Force and Traction controllers.


-Active Stability Management (ASM) LVL 10

-TCS Controller LVL 4

-VCD Controller 30 %

With these settings, your 3000GT VR-4 Turbo will rocket around the track and........Ooop............Wait for it..........Stays on the track.

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• 12/31/2018

Gt4 200 pts

A request to all gt4 players who are trying to get 200 pts on all races

I would like to get started, but i dont know what cars to use. Can you please tell me what cars you guys use on each event please?😅😅

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• 12/23/2018

Castle Donnington

Do you guys think that this track could ever be added to GTS? I love the track irl and I feel like it would be a great addition to the game. I played it in NFS: Shift on the PS3 and loved playing it on there too, it seems like such a wasted opportunity for such a good track.
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• 12/7/2018

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Well, since we are all Gran Turismo fans - and most of us grew up on the original PS1 classic - I thought I might pose this question here about another racing game...

Who here is excited for the Crash Team Racing remaster? And what are your thoughts?

(There's a lot deeper connection here than you think.)

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• 11/8/2018

Community Poll: What was your favourite Gran Turismo game?

  • Gran Turismo 1
  • Gran Turismo 2
  • Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
  • Gran Turismo 4
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Gran Turismo 6
  • Gran Turismo Sport
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• 10/23/2018

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• 10/22/2018

What If: Gran Turismo (Original) Mod

So I've been thinking about this for a while, and I thought it would be fun if I got everyone else involved in this as well.

Let's assume that I was working on a mod for the original Gran Turismo on the Sony PlayStation; adding in some tracks and vehicles from Gran Turismo 2, as well as creating new events and rearranging old ones.

If this were happening, what tracks/vehicles/events would YOU like to see be a part of it?

Now before you list anything, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

System limitations is one of them; it would be impossible to add any circuits and vehicles from post-PS1 titles in, so rule them out now. Also, I doubt it would be possible to add in new manufacturers, so only vehicles from those present in the first game: Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Dodge/Chrysler, Chevrolet, TVR and Aston Martin.

And if you can, try and keep to the time which the game was released in; post '98 vehicles would've been unlikely at the time, so I'll probably have to shoot them down now.

Other than that...

Go nuts!

(Just remember that this is a 'What If' scenario. This ISN'T something that is happening... but it could.)

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• 10/11/2018

Gran Turismo 6 AMG vision unlock

Gran Turismo 6 how to unlock Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 6 how to unlock Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo YouTube
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• 10/9/2018

Who own this car still?

Because when play gt 6 know one drove this car ever in a lobby
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• 10/6/2018

Holden Vision Gran Turismo?

I was just watching the 2018 Bathurst 1000 broadcast...

I think Holden GM showed off a VGT vehicle. The thing was made entirely virtually and tested in a simulator, not to mention that because Holden is defunct as an actual manufacturer, they resorted to creating a virtual race car of the future.

They did say that this vehicle was 'made' to commemorate 50 years of Holden winning at the mountain, so if anything, that should be clarification enough of its existence.

From what I recall, it has 4 250Kw electric motors - one for each wheel. So it's like the SLS Electric, but more powerful and a LOT lighter!

If I knew where to look to find footage of this, I would... except I have no idea where to go. It was revealed in the last hour, so I doubt there's anything online.

If anyone stumbles across this anywhere, please post more information here.

We COULD be getting a new VGT vehicle in Gran Turismo Sport very soon...

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• 9/30/2018

Gt 5 used cars list

Hey i was just wondering if there is any system to used car dealership or do cars just appear randomly sometimes is really hard to find a particular car as not sure what triggers different cars to appear on the list
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