A momentous event in which touring cars from all over the world and all kinds of race categories gather to face one another. Marvel as rival cars with around 600 PP are lined up against each other on the grid. As long as they do not exceed the PP limit, non-racing cars are also free to enter.

(The in-game description of the event)

The 600 PP World Touring Car Championship is an International A class championship in Gran Turismo 6. It is loosely based on the FIA World Touring Car Championship.

Entry RequirementsEdit

(Note: If this championship is played for the first time, the player will be forced to complete the championship as a whole before being able to participate in the races separately.)


  1. Grand Valley Speedway - 5 Laps
  2. Tokyo R246 - 5 Laps
  3. Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit - 5 Laps


  • Gold: Cr. 67,800
  • Silver: Cr. 44,100
  • Bronze: Cr. 33,900
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