7 Honda CBR1000RRW Suzuka8H '05
Honda CBR1000RRW
Appears in Tourist Trophy
Manufacturer Honda Motorcycles
Displacement 998cc
Engine Liquid-cooled inline-4
Max Power ---- BHP
Max Torque ---- lb-ft
Weight ---- kg
Power/Weight Ratio ---- kg per horsepower

The 7 Honda CBR1000RRW Suzuka8H '05 is a factory racing bike produced by Honda Motorcycles. It only appears in Tourist Trophy.

In real-life, this bike claimed victory in the 2005 Suzuka 8-hour endurance race with riders Ryuichi Kiyonari and Tohru Ukawa, completing a total distance of 204 laps, three laps more than the second-place competitor. This gave Honda their ninth consecutive win in the Suzuka 8 Hours.


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This bike can be acquired by winning the TT World Series.


  • "7" refers to both Seven Stars, a Japanese "lifestyle" cigarette brand that sponsored the bike (which is censored in the game, as with usual practice with tobacco-sponsored cars in Gran Turismo series) and the racing number of the motorcycle.
  • In the game's database files, the motorcycle's manufacturer is coded as "_7honda"; this is necessary to display a custom logo specific to each Suzuka 8 Hours racing motorcycles. The same is true for YSP & PRESTO Racing YZF-R1 Suzuka8H '05 and Trick☆Star ZX-10R Suzuka8H '05.
    • To avoid database errors, the manufacturer's name is preceded with a trailing underscore in it. This is also true for all cars and motorcycles whose internal name began with a number.


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