Anglo - Japanese Sports Car Championship
Anglo-Japanese Sports Car Championship
League Level Special Event
License Level National A
Series Type Championship
No. of Races 5
Tyre Restriction No restrictions
Tyre Wear No
Car Type Restriction British or Japanese Cars only
1st Place Prize 10,000 Cr
Championship Bonus 20,000 Cr

"The clash between Japanese sports cars and British sports cars!" - in-game text

The Anglo - Japanese Sports Car Championship is a five-circuit championship-race event from the original Gran Turismo. It is housed in the Special Event area of Gran Turismo mode.


  1. Trial Mountain Circuit (Reverse): 3 Laps
  2. Special Stage Route 5: 3 Laps
  3. High Speed Ring: 3 Laps
  4. Grand Valley East (Reverse): 3 Laps
  5. Special Stage Route 11: 3 Laps

Typical OpponentsEdit

These are the typical opponents of this event:

Power (BHP) Weight (KG) Car (Name)
4311,242[R]Aston Martin DB7 Coupe
4311,350[R]Aston Martin DB7 Volante
388850[1]/914[2][R]Honda NSX Type S Zero '97[3]/Acura NSX Type S Zero '97[4]
4971,180[R]Mazda Eunos Cosmo Type-E CCS (20B) '94
435878[1]/902[2][R]Mazda éfini RX-7 A-Spec (FD) '96
435900[R]Mazda éfini RX-7 Type RZ (FD) '96
4471,094[R]Toyota SUPRA 2.5GT Twin Turbo R '90
4991,087[R]Toyota SUPRA RZ '96
443737[1]/957[2][R]TVR Cerbera 4.2
437710[1]/922[2][R]TVR Griffith 500 '94
437710[1]/922[2][R]TVR Griffith Blackpool B340

Prize StructureEdit

Prize MoneyEdit

  • 1st: Cr. 10,000
  • 2nd: Cr. 7,000
  • 3rd: Cr. 5,000
  • 4th: Cr. 2,000
  • 5th: Cr. 1,000
  • 6th: Cr. 500
  • Pole Position Bonus: Cr. 2,000
  • Overall Champion: Cr. 20,000

Prize CarsEdit

Winning this championship will award the player randomly with one of the following cars:


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 NTSC-J/NTSC-U
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 PAL
  4. NTSC-U
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