Aprilia RSV1000R FACTORY RacingModify '05
Aprilia RSV1000R Factory RacingModify
Appears in Tourist Trophy
Manufacturer Aprilia
Displacement 998cc
Engine Liquid-cooled V2
Max Power 177 BHP
Max Torque 102.5 lb-ft
Weight 176 kg (390 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 0.99 kg (2.2 lb) per horsepower

The Aprilia RSV1000R FACTORY RacingModify '05 is a Racing bike produced by Aprilia. It only appears in Tourist Trophy.


There is one color available for this bike:

  • Fluo Red


An ultra-exotic, extremely high-performance V-twin motorcycle, which can be a handful on regular roads, and is not for the inexperienced. This updated bike appeared in November 2004 and is the race modified top-of-the-range of the RSV1000R series – in previous years the ‘R’ was the top-of-the-range model and the ‘Mille’ was the entry level machine - now the RSV1000R is the base motorcycle, and the RSV1000R Factory is the upgraded version. The hard suspension is a plus on smooth track surfaces, but it is heavier than its Japanese rivals. Low-down torque is plentiful, the power in the mid-range is muscular and the cycle's top end rush is exhilarating.


  • This bike can be acquired by selecting it in Challenge Mode and completing the event: Time Trial - Circuit de Valencia with a time of 1:46.000 or better
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