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The Aston Martin DB11 '16 is a road car produced by Aston Martin. It first appears in Gran Turismo Sport, where it was introduced as part of Update 1.15. It will later appear in Gran Turismo 7.


Thirty-five colors are available for this car:

  • Lunar White
  • Stratus White
  • Morning Frost White
  • Silver Fox
  • Skyfall Silver
  • Lightning Silver
  • Silver Blonde
  • Magnetic Silver
  • China Grey
  • Hammerhead Silver
  • Quantum Silver
  • Onyx Black
  • Jet Black
  • Madagascar Orange
  • Cinnabar Orange
  • Volcano Red
  • Diavolo Red
  • Divine Red
  • Marron Black
  • Kopi Bronze
  • Arden Green
  • Arizona Bronze
  • Selene Bronze
  • Yellow Tang
  • Sunburst Yellow
  • Appletree Green
  • Frosted Glass Blue
  • Hardly Green
  • Sea Storm
  • Concours Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Mariana Blue
  • Ultramarine Black
  • Ocellus Teal

In-game description[]

The DB11 is a GT car that is the mainstream of Aston Martin, first announced at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It is the successor to the DB9, produced for 12 years starting in 2004.

While it takes on the traditional long nose coupé design of Aston Martin, the elegant but modern styling which deviates from the production Astons of the past is by Marek Reichmann, their Vice President and Chief Creative Officer. Air is guided in from the front grilles and C pillar, going through the inside of the body and drawn out to produce aerodynamic effects, reducing lift and securing downforce.

The base structure utilises a new bonded aluminium VH platform, a completely new design evolved from the past models. Between its front axle and the cockpit is an also newly developed 5.2 litre twin turbo V12. With a maximum output of 599 BHP and a maximum torque of 71.4 kgfm, it is linked with a ZF 8 speed, achieving 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 322 km/h.


GT Sport[]

This car can be purchased in the Aston Martin section of Brand Central for 238,000 Credits.


This car can be purchased in the Aston Martin section of Brand Central for 238,000 Credits.