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Autumn Ring Mini is the shorter version of Autumn Ring. It is featured in all games that the bigger track is featured in, though in Concept it was unusable due to it being remodeled. As seen in the next featured game.

It is currently the only track from the original game still in the modern titles to have had a layout change.

Autumn Ring Mini (in red) superimposed onto the full course.

GT4 Race Beginning Classification[]

The race begins with all six cars at 50mph. Therefore it is advisable to qualify if possible to begin the race with an advantage.


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  • In Gran Turismo 2, this is one of the two circuits available only in Arcade Mode, the other being Motor Sports Land.
  • A hidden variation of the track, called rogo-test, exists in the original Gran Turismo. While the track's layout is the same, any car racing there will appear shinier - at the same levels as the Trophy screen at the end of a championship or a race.
  • During Its absence from GT3 and GT Concept the bypass section on Autumn Ring Mini was remodeled to be longer and add a extra turn.
  • Just like the full track, this course is set during the autumn season.