BMW Motorrad R1200ST '05
Appears in Tourist Trophy
Manufacturer BMW Motorrad
Displacement 1170cc
Engine Air-cooled boxer-2
Max Power 108 BHP
Max Torque 84.8 lb-ft
Weight 205 kg (450 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 1.9 kg (4.2 lb) per horsepower

The BMW Motorrad R1200ST '05 is a Street bike produced by BMW Motorrad. It only appears in Tourist Trophy.


There are six color schemes available for this bike:

  • Darkgraphit Metallic/Piemontrot
  • Darkgraphit Metallic/Sydneyblau Metallic
  • Darkgraphit Metallic/Granitgrau Metallic
  • Lightmagnesium Metallic/Piemontrot Metallic
  • Lightmagnesium Metallic/Sydneyblau Metallic
  • Lightmagnesium Metallic/Granitgrau Metallic


The BMW R1200ST is a sport touring motorcycle, which was introduced in 2005 by BMW Motorrad to replace the R1150RS model. The R1200ST features the same 1,170cc flat-twin engine, a six-speed gearbox and shaft drive as the R1200RT. Though similar in specification to the RT, the ST is a sport-oriented motorcycle, with clip-on style handle bars, and a lighter fairing, resulting in an overall lighter weight than the RT. Luggage, in the form of panniers and a top box (or case) were available options. ABS braking was also an option for this model.

The styling was controversial, especially the vertical headlight. Motor Cycle News referred to the styling as "quirky".


  • This bike can be acquired by selecting it in Challenge Mode, and completing the event: 2-lap Pass - Grand Valley Speedway


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