Balance of Performance (BoP) is a mechanic in Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport, adapted from real-life sports car racing that adjusts the power and weight ratio of every vehicle within a class, with intent of attempting to keep an balanced playing field.[1]

Gran Turismo 6Edit

GT6 Historic Prototype Racing Car Battle Select

A car selection screen for a Historic Prototype Racing Car Battle Quick Match event. All cars except the Mazda 787B '91 had their horsepower reduced, while the Toyota MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V '89 had 20 kg of ballast added to the car's weight.

A prototype of the BoP system appeared in GT6's Quick Match mode: some Quick Match races featuring "courtesy" cars (such as Touring Car Battle, Prototype Racing Car Battle, and Historic Prototype Racing Car Battle) have the power and weight adjusted by Polyphony Digital for all cars that can be selected on each event.[2] Because Quick Matches change on regular basis, the power and weight of eligible cars are also adjusted for each time an event makes an appearance. An arrow appears next to car's horsepower rating during selection process to determine if the car's power has been increased, decreased, or unchanged, while weight adjustments are marked with the amount of ballast (inside a ballast-shaped box) added above the car's weight.

Gran Turismo SportEdit

GTS BoP Prompt

A pre-race BoP confirmation screen for a Gr.4 Daily Race event.

In GT Sport, each car class (except Gr.X) has a set of BoP settings regulating power and weight ratios for every car. Every major update, BoP changes are applied, especially with entry of racing vehicles. Depending on the car, BoP changes affect factors such as tire and fuel consumption. For N class vehicles, as they can be tuned to enter a lower or higher division, all the car's eligible classes are counted in BoP table. For example, for a car that starts out as a N400 and can be tuned between N300 to N500, the car in question is included in all classes' BoP tables, with adjustments that attempt to penalize "outsider" cars.

In Sport Mode, BoP are typically enabled for all events, and settings are fixed (no changes to suspension, gear ratio, or downforce settings are permitted). However, in online lobbies, it is possible to create an online lobby with BoP enabled and change of settings permitted. Occasionally, one-make Daily Races may allow car tuning. It is also possible to use a BoP power and weight settings during an offline Time Trial.

BoP changes are determined by tests conducted by Polyphony Digital staff, either by human test drivers or the game's AI[3]; player feedback may also apply.


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