Blue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield B
Blue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield B
Country Flag of USA USA
Circuit Length 2.860 kilometres (1.777 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 5
Track Type Original Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo Sport(Update)Update Icon

The B Infield circuit of Blue Moon Bay Speedway is 1.7 mile circuit that appears in Gran Turismo Sport that was added in update v1.13. It is a high speed course, featuring only a few corners - almost all of which can be taken at high speed. There are, however, lots of walls close in on the circuit that can make overtaking a difficult challenge.

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GT LeagueEdit


Flying down the home straight at high speed, prepare for the difficult turn 1. This is a long, curving bend with a very late apex and requires trail braking to navigate successfully. Applying the brakes carefully, so as to avoid locking up and understeering, use the 100m marker sign on the right as your cue to start braking. Depending on your approach speed, this could be as far back as the turn-in sign between the 100m and 200m markers. Gradually reapply the throttle before the kerbstones, aiming to hit full throttle as you exit.

Turn 2 is a high speed left corner that can be taken at full throttle. However, there is a wall immediately on the outside and inside of the track from here on. Inexperienced drivers - of those driving vehicles with insufficient grip levels - may want to lift off the throttle briefly before entering, reapplying it as the turn it.

Power through turn 3 at full throttle. This then leads to turn 4 - one of the only sufficient overtaking spots on the track. This leads onto the main straight, so you want to aim to increase your speed exiting this corner. However, this is also a corner where it is easy to collide with the outside wall. Braking too late or turning too early can lead into a large loss of time. Start braking from the 150m marker sign and set your apex deep into the corner. Gradually open the throttle as you head towards the apex, being carefully not to understeer towards the wall. Power through turn 5 at full throttle and head towards the control line.

Replay DemoEdit

Blue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield B 1 Lap Attack

Blue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield B 1 Lap Attack


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