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A Mazda dealership within the Brand Central.

Brand Central (ブランドセントラル) is an area in Gran Turismo 7, which is located at the World Map. The dealership specializes in modern automobiles made in 2001 and later.

The ambience of Brand Central, as originally stated, is said to be a shopping mall/outlet dedicated for modern automobiles made from at least 2001 and onwards. This area will be unlocked upon completing the GT Café No. 4, the High Speed Ring Track Day championship.

As of the current version of the game, 301 cars are currently sold in Brand Central.

List of Brands[]

Italics indicates brands that does not sell any vehicle within the Brand Central.




United Kingdom[]







South Korea[]


New to GT7 is an invitation system required in order to gain the right to purchase certain cars (usually premium hypercar models). These invitations, marked with a purple envelope, can be obtained from high-level tickets and by progressing through gameplay. Each manufacturer invitation can be used to purchase any number of that manufacturer's invitation-only cars for a limited time period from which it was obtained; if it expires (after 30 days from receiving; originally 14 prior to version 1.11), the player has to obtain it again. However, if the player receives an invitation for a manufacturer that they already have invitation for, the invitation will be renewed.

A list of cars requiring invitations for purchase are available in this category.


  • To prevent the paradox of a used car being more expensive than new ones, several cars that can appear in both the Brand Central and the Used Car Dealership whose values has risen, such as the Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec II Nür '02, Ford GT '06 or the BMW Z8 '01, are made more expensive in the Brand Central than their prices in previous GT games or their sticker prices when new.
  • Following the release of update 1.11, it was reported that existing brand invitations can expire earlier than intended.[1] This was subsequently fixed in version 1.12, with players receiving all manufacturer invitations as a compensation. The invitations have to be claimed before April 24, 2022. If update 1.12 was installed on the day the it was launched, the invites expire on May 14, 2022, unless an additional invitation was obtained after the update was installed.
  • Because Brand Central data is fetched from the game's server, it is possible for Brand Central cars to be marked as limited stock or sold out. However, the only time this occurs would be if a player loses their connection to the game server while in the Brand Central; in this case, all Brand Central cars would be marked as sold out until the player regains server connection and re-enters it.
  • Only cars sold from the Brand Central can be won from tickets (whether it came from Daily Workout or GT Café Menu Books). As such, special parts not available from the tuning shop are also only available for them.[2][3]
  • The Brand Central complex is also used in some GT Café expository texts (the most notable being the Dodge Viper collection) shown after the player completes a menu book. It is also possible that the complex is inspired by shopping outlets run by the Simon property group.
    • The Ferrari collection uses more of the underground pathway rather than the main complex.