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Brands Hatch '80s
Brands Hatch '80s
Country Flag of the United Kingdom UK
Track Type Defunct Real World Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
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Brands Hatch hosted 12 races in the FIA Formula One World Championship between 1964 and 1986. Most of the corners making the circuit up remain in their current form today, where only Graham Hill Bend, Westfield Bend and Dingle Dell have been changed.


Brands Hatch Indy '80s
Brands Hatch Indy '80s
Circuit Length 1.938 kilometres (1.204 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 6 (4/2)

As Graham Hill Bend was a lot faster in the '80s layout, the Surtees-McLaren chicane is a more technical and difficult complex to traverse. As with the full-length Surtees bend, braking must be done from an earlier point than in the current Indy circuit so that the car isn't thrown either way off track.

Grand PrixEdit

Brands Hatch GP '80s
Brands Hatch GP '80s
Circuit Length 4.207 kilometres (2.614 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 9 (6/3)

A lap of the full GP circuit in the '80s began in the same way as it does now - particular care must be taken when braking into Paddock Hill Bend in order to keep the car from understeering off track or cutting the corner excessively. Hailwoods hill and Druids Bend form a very simple combination of a straight and large-radius hairpin that leads not into a 95-degree turn, but a steady bend that can be taken at full throttle.

Surtees is therefore approached at a substantially higher speed than it is in the present day layout, so braking needs to be initiated roughly 150 metres earlier. Otherwise, the same procedure of staying tight for the later two-thirds of the corner is advisable.

Derek Minter Straight is roughly 50 metres longer in the '80s, and Westfield Bend's profile substantially more round than in the current layout. Dingle Dell is situated at a later point in the sector, changing the approach to the also somewhat more round Sheene Curve.


  • Desiré Wilson became the first female driver to win a Formula One race of any kind at Brands Hatch during the 1980 British Aurora F1 series.


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