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The Buell LIGHTNING CITYX XB9SX '05 is a Street bike produced by Buell. It only appears in Tourist Trophy. It is exclusive to the NTSC-U version.


There are two colors available for this bike:

  • Hero Blue Translucid
  • Kick Ash Translucid


The Lightning CityX XB9SX is an urban brawler, designed to rule the city streets with muscle and attitude. Armed with handlebar deflectors and a headlight grille, the CityX features wide, supermotard-style handlebars. The high level seat offers an elevated view of traffic ahead, while the Thunderstorm 984 V-Twin delivers quick-revving acceleration for the cut-and-thrust of urban traffic. The sport tyres have an aggressive tread pattern for high levels of performance, new high-impact composite frame pucks protect the frame from minor cosmetic damage, and the soft-rubber Buell X Guard helps protect the airbox from scuffing. The see-through translucid airbox cover and flyscreen puts mechanical details on display, while the black wheels, lower body panels, and front fender hide the grime of the city.