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Cadillac is an American car company that was formed in 1902. The company was absorbed into General Motors in 1909 and today serves as a luxury division of GM. The company made its debut in Gran Turismo Concept with the CIEN concept car and then appeared again in Gran Turismo 4. Cadillac also returns in Gran Turismo 5 with the CIEN Concept, and again in Gran Turismo 6 with the addition of the CTS-V Coupe. It was founded by Michigan on August 22, 1902.



  • A Cadillac Escalade is seen as a trackside prop car in GT5P, GT5 and GT6, the trackside prop car having two colors: Black (GT5P-GT6) and Maroon (GT5 onwards), but said vehicle never appeared as a playable vehicle in any of the games in the series.
    • However, the black variant of the trackside prop has the front of the car slightly changed in GT5; like with most scenery cars from GT5P's High Speed Ring and Fuji International Speedway, the change is still present in GT6.
    • In the Indianapolis Road Course, a glitched version of this car can be spotted on that track, however the texture glitch was never fixed in any updates of GT5 and still persists in GT6.

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