Cadillac CIEN Concept '02
Cadillac CIEN Concept '02
Appears in Gran Turismo Concept
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 Standard
Interior in GT6 Simple
Manufacturer Cadillac
Drivetrain MR
Engine 7.5 L V12 Northstar XV12
Max Power 760 BHP
Performance Points 589 PP
Top Speed 230 miles per hour (370 km/h)

The Cadillac Cien (Spanish: one-hundred) is a concept car by the American manufacturer Cadillac. The Cien it first appeared in Gran Turismo Concept, and has appeared in every main game since, with the exception of Gran Turismo Sport.

In-game descriptionEdit

"A concept model with high-performance racing motifs."

The Cien was a Cadillac concept model which was initially unveiled to the public for the first time at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show. Its goal was to demonstrate, from a new angle, Cadillac's continued passion for the Le Mans Challenge.

With a visage that resembles a Cadillac LMP race car restyled for the street, it raised hopes and expectations that the technology from the LMP had been transferred directly into the concept. And the actual specifications placed it neck and neck against virtually any of the world-class supercars.

The engine is a 7.5-liter DOHC V12 with 4 valves per cylinder, producing 750 HP, and is known as the Northstar XC12. There weren't very many large displacement street car engines which could actually produce over 100 PS (99 HP) per liter in its day, and with this vehicle's high power and reduced friction loss, the advantages of the XV12 were made perfectly clear to all. In addition the XV12 was blessed with the "green" feature of being able to run on fewer cylinders and become a V8 under light loads.

The racing-inherited chassis and body were formed from a carbon composite unibody and body panels. It was equipped with a high performance suspension and powerful brakes coupled to its massive 19 inch front and 21 inch rear wheels.

In addition to its premium image, the Cadillac of the 21st century also strongly stresses a high-performance image with a high-tech background. Moreover, this was the first Cadillac ever with racing car motifs, and in this respect it was an epoch-making concept.



This car is available to be won from the Easy section of the Rally D'Umbria in the Special Conditions hall.


This car can be purchased for 1,500,000 Credits.


As a Standard Car, this Car must be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for approximately 1,500,000 Credits. This requires an A-Spec or B-Spec Level of 16 or higher. It can also be won from the MR Sports Cup in B-Spec Mode.


This car must be purchased from the Dealership for 1,250,000 Credits. It is a Simple car.


  • In Gran Turismo 4, the Cadillac Cien can often be found as an AI car in races in which it is not allowed. For example, it usually appears in the Supercar Festival which prohibits the use of concept, tuning, or racing cars.
  • In Gran Turismo 4, this car cannot be sold, only discarded from the garage.
  • The Cadillac Cien has also appeared in other games, namely Midnight Club 3 and Asphalt 9: Legends.



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