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Circuito de la Sierra is a course for Gran Turismo 6. It is set in the Andalusia region of Spain, near the Ronda photo travel location. It is one of the longest courses in the series, at 27 km long (Or around 17 miles), even longer than the dreaded Nürburgring full track, though it is beaten out in length by Special Stage Route X. It is also associated and unlocked by a new Special Event, the Sierra Time Rally, in which you must make a lap around the course while overtaking opponents for score multipliers, and passing checkpoints to increase time, which is limited.

Tips & Tricks[]

This is mainly a high speed circuit, with many straights and many high speed corners, with some low-medium speed corners. A car that possesses high top speed and good acceleration, with good handling at medium-high speeds is a good choice for this track. Be careful at turn 36, because it contains a jump and a right corner, almost at the same time. If you drive a racing kart on this track, be careful on the bridges, because the kart, at the start (and also the ending) of a bridge, may become unstable, with the front (or the rear on some cases) flying, increasing the probability to go on the wall, losing valuable time. The best advice in order to avoid this, is keeping the kart as stable as possible, keeping it in a straight line, without steering.