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Citta di Aria is a real urban track, set on the streets of Assisi, Italy, that appears in Gran Turismo 4 Prologue, Gran Turismo 4, Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo PSP.

Events in Gran Turismo[]


  • License Test iB-15
  • License Test S-2

Special Conditions[]




Tips & Tricks[]

Since the course is narrow and twisty, make sure you have a car with close gearing, lots of grip and excellent brakes, so upgrading the transmission, tires and brakes are necessary when you're about to do the harder rallies. The best overtaking method is to brake later than your opponent and then correct any signs of understeer or oversteer so you can't lose your lead. Once done, put the pedal to the metal to gain some lead. Failure in doing so will result in a 5-second speed limiter penalty, with the opponent being able to overtake you while recovering from your penalty, though this can be prevented by blocking the opponent during the penalty recovery so as to maintain your lead.


  • There is a text in Italian on the start/finish line that is in the Comic Sans MS font, which reads as "Dio lo benedice - fate il suo guidare il più sicuro e divertirsi" which translated means: "God blesses him; make his driving the most safely and to have fun".
  • Citta di Aria was ranked #3 on's Top 10 Hardest Race Tracks in Video Games on August 31, 2016.
  • In Tourist Trophy, some flags in the track still feature Gran Turismo logos in it, unlike most instance of GT logos in fictional tracks which are replaced with TT logos.