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Clubman Stage Route 5 is a fictional racing circuit from the Gran Turismo series. It is a shortened version of Special Stage Route 5, which utilizes the run from the main straight, passing through the tunnel and through the first complex. It then uses a new, raised section to bring the course back to the main straight, bypassing the technical hairpins and crossover section. The circuit appears in every game since Gran Turismo, with the sixth game naming it Special Stage Route 5 (Clubman), though it is absent in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and Gran Turismo Sport.

Clubman Stage Route 5 superimposed onto the full circuit

Lap Guide[]

Sector 1[]

A lap of Route 5 begins near the end of the straightaway section. Accelerate through the straight and brake mildly once you've entered the tunnel. Going around the sweeping left-hander that the tunnel covers, try to adjust your speed in a way that will keep your line as close to the inside barrier as possible. Once you've cleared it, a sharp right hander and a left-hand hairpin awaits. Lower your speed in order to be able to negotiate them, and be careful with the hairpin and pay attention to 2 factors; angle on entry and throttle control. It is recommended that you enter the hairpin towards the middle of the road at a slow speed to avoid too much of a straight line out of the hairpin and collision into the barrier on exit. There is a right-hand turn just off the exit which is also accounted for in this execution of the corner. Sudden or incorrect throttle input may slow the lap by inducing costly amounts of understeer (FF) or oversteer (MR/RR). After the sharp corners, there's a series of chicanes that can be taken at 100% throttle input in most cars, followed by a small straight that marks the end of the first sector.

Sector 2[]

Instead of descending the chicane to the right, as you would in the full course, this sector takes you up the left exit ramp towards a wide left-hander, though care must be taken not to carry too much speed through here and understeer into the barrier. Following this corner is another, deceptively tighter, left turn. While it may not look difficult, this corner requires braking to a lower speed than the previous corner in order not to slide too wide into the wall on the other side. All that remains is a full-speed run down the straight to complete the lap.

GT4 Race Beginning Classification[]

The race begins with all six cars at 50mph. Therefore it is advisable to qualify if possible to begin the race with an advantage.

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