Credits (abbreviated Cr.) is the method of currency used in all Gran Turismo games. It is used to purchase new vehicles, upgrade them with tuning parts, customise their appearance, perform maintenance, and enter test facilities. Credits are obtained by participating in races, with higher place finishes awarding larger amounts, or by selling unused or prize vehicles.

Credits are roughly based on the local currency in the region which the game was sold. In the Japanese versions, 1 Cr. is about equal to 1 yen (¥) (or about 1 U.S. cent (¢)). In the North American versions, 1 Cr. is similar to 1 U.S. dollar ($). The PAL versions, despite using either British Pounds (£), Australian Dollars ($), or European Euros (€), all use the same currency format as the North American versions.

For example, the 1997 Honda Civic Type R in Gran Turismo 1 can be purchased with 1,998,000 Credits in the NTSC-J version, or 19,980 Credits in the international releases.

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