Daihatsu Storia Rally Car
Daihatsu Sirion Rally Car
Appears in Gran Turismo 2
Manufacturer Daihatsu
Drivetrain 4WD
Engine DOHC
Max Power 500 PS (493 BHP) @ 7500 rpm (showroom)

433 PS (427 BHP) @ 7500 rpm (garage)

Max Torque 52.0 kgm (376.1 ft-lb) @ 5500 rpm (showroom)

44.2 kgm @ 5500 rpm (garage)

Weight 800 kilograms (1,800 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 1.87 kg (4.1 lb) per horsepower

For the rally car that appears in Arcade Mode, see Daihatsu STORIA X4 Rally Car.

The Daihatsu Storia Rally Car is a fictional rally car produced by Daihatsu. It only appears in Gran Turismo 2.

Other namesEdit

This car appears under different names depending on the game region.

Region Name
NTSC-J (menus)ストーリア ラリーカー
NTSC-J (race) / NTSC-UDaihatsu Storia Rally Car
PALDaihatsu Sirion Rally Car



This car can be purchased in the special section of the Daihatsu dealership for 1,000,000 Credits.


  • In Gran Turismo 2, an older, unfinished version of this car can be found inside the game files. Cosmetically, the older version uses a different font for the "Daihatsu" decals on the doors and on the hood, and still has the wheels of the road-going Storia.



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