The Gran Turismo series features Dealerships, a place where the player can buy cars to use in a race.

In Gran TurismoEdit

In the original Gran Turismo, there were only 10 manufacturers (6 from Japan, 2 from the US, 2 from the UK), and the Japanese dealerships, aside from having new cars, also include used cars and special racing models, as well as named tuning shops. The manufacturers shown for the dealerships are as follows:

In this game, unwanted cars are sold through the dealer; selling a car to the right manufacturer grants a 10% bonus to the sale price, for a total of 60%. Later games would move the selling of cars to the My Home/Garage.

In Gran Turismo 2Edit

With the addition of more foreign manufacturers, Gran Turismo 2 splits the dealerships per region called "Cities". In addition, some foreign manufacturers now offer special racing models, although used cars are still exclusive to Japanese brands (except Tommy Kaira), although some foreign brands were planned to have used car dealerships in the game's demo versions. The dealerships for each city are as follows:

West CityEdit

This City covers Italian and French dealerships.

South CityEdit

This City covers American dealerships.

North CityEdit

This City covers British and German dealerships.

East CityEdit

This City covers Japanese dealerships.

In Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecEdit

In Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, the New and Used Car Dealerships have merged into one big dealership only separated by country. This is also to make way for Belgian and Australian cars. The dealerships in this game are as follows:









In Gran Turismo 4Edit

In order to make way for more foreign cars, the dealerships had to be individually separated by country. This also marks the debut of tuning shops with fully tuned car models. The dealerships in the game are as follows:













Tuner VillageEdit

In addition to dealerships, several tuning brands are also grouped into a section of dealership called Tuner Village. The village's primary function is as independent tuning shops for certain cars, which offer original turbo kits and suspension parts.

In Gran Turismo 5Edit

Gran Turismo 5 now sorts the dealerships by new (for Premium Cars) or used (for Standard Cars). The Premium dealerships in this game are as follows:

Production CarsEdit

Tuning CompaniesEdit

In Gran Turismo 6Edit

In Gran Turismo 6, the New, Used and Online Car Dealerships are merged into one big car dealership, now separated by region (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe). Some cars that are not purchasable in this merged dealership can be found at the Recommended Car Dealership. The dealerships in the game are as follows:

North AmericaEdit



In Gran Turismo SportEdit

Dealerships in Gran Turismo Sport are part of a feature called Brand Central. In addition to purchasing cars, it is also possible to look at manufacturer's history and videos, and take photo in dedicated scape locations (only cars associated to that brand's location are allowed in; showroom cars can also be borrowed). Contracts for FIA Gran Turismo Manufacturer Series can also be signed. The Brand Central also includes content for non-manufacturer brand partners such as FIA, TAG Heuer, Lewis Hamilton, and Michelin.

See List of Brands section in Brand Central article of a list of available dealers.

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