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Deep Forest Raceway is one of the available tracks in the Gran Turismo Series. It first appeared in the original Gran Turismo, and features in every main game since, with the exception of Gran Turismo Sport.


Deep Forest Raceway's back straight.

Deep Forest is an original track that debuted with the release of Gran Turismo. It appears to be set in a thickly wooded forest, with the back straight on a cliff edge. Like many Original circuits, Deep Forest incorporates several tunnels. Due to the high speed nature of this track, sports cars, such as grand tourers or supercars focused on raw power, are best suited for this course. Featuring undulating corners, tight banked corners, and long sweeping turns, it is a medium-high speed course featured in several events in every game it appears in. It is a favorite among Gran Turismo fans, not just for its beautiful scenery, but for its deceptive difficulty to drive quickly.

GT4 Race Beginning Classification[]

The race begins with all six cars at 50mph. Therefore it is advisable to qualify if possible to begin the race with an advantage.

Events Featuring Deep Forest[]

Events marked with an asterisk are raced in reverse.

Gran Turismo 1[]

GT League

Special Events

Gran Turismo 2[]

GT League[]

Special Events[]

Gran Turismo 3 Races[]

Beginner League[]

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Professional League[]

Gran Turismo 4 Races[]

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One Make Races[]

Gran Turismo 4 License Tests[]

  • B-3 - Basics of Cornering: 1
  • B-4 - Basics of Cornering: 2
  • A-3 - Tackling High Speed Corners: 1
  • IB-4 - Advanced Level Complex Corners: 2

Gran Turismo 5 Races[]

Gran Turismo 5 License Tests[]

  • B-3 - "Out-In-Out"-The Most Basic Cornering Line
  • IC-6 - Blind Corners in Wooded Areas
  • IB-10 - Deep Forest Raceway 2-Lap Battle

Gran Turismo 6[]


  • Deep Forest Raceway is Kazunori Yamauchi's personal favorite GT track.
  • All B license tests held on this track are set on the main straight through to the first uphill section after turn 1 (A wide hairpin turn).
  • In GT1, license tests held on this track feature a morning skybox as opposed to a sunset one; the morning skybox is also used in High Speed Ring, derived from the one used in that track in the Test Drive demo disc.
  • In Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, Deep Forest Raceway II (Deep Forest in reverse) is raced at sunset, resembling the Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo (PlayStation) version of Deep forest, as opposed to the new broad daylight.
  • Although the track was omitted in GT Sport, it is revealed that the track is being given a complete redesign, along with Grand Valley and Trial Mountain.
  • An Easter Egg revealing to be a redesigned Deep Forest Raceway was shown in "The Starting Line" trailer, likely an indication that it will make its return for Gran Turismo 7.
    • Later, the track was officially announced to return to GT7, as announced on Gran Turismo's Twitter account on December 3, 2021.[1] However, it is currently unknown as to which country the track is located in.

GT7 Deep Forest Official Teaser.jpeg

  • In the Deep Forest Raceway Gameplay Trailer, this track has been given an extreme redesign for Gran Turismo 7, with more barriers being added around the race track within the forested road, along with a much longer straight from the tunnel section, including a sharp, hairpin turn after the long straight.