Electric Circuits
Electric Circuits
League Level National A
Series Type Single Race
No. of Races 3
Tyre Restriction Sports Hard or less
Car Type Restriction Electric or Hybrid Cars only
PP Limit 400
1st Place Prize 18,330 Cr. (1st Race)
18,590 Cr. (2nd Race)
19,310 Cr. (3rd Race)

Electric Circuits is a National A Class event in Gran Turismo 6. It is the ninth event in said class. Only hybrids and electric cars can enter this event.


All races are 2 laps long.

Typical OpponentsEdit

Car Name Power (BHP) Weight (kg)
Toyota PRIUS G '09941350
Nissan Leaf G '111071520
Mitsubishi i-MiEV '09611100
Toyota PRIUS G Touring Selection (J) '03751290
Honda INSIGHT LS '09871200
Honda CR-Z α '101221130
Toyota PRIUS G (J) '02711220
Honda INSIGHT '9982820
Toyota Aqua S '11721080

While the Tesla Motors Roadster '08, Toyota PRIUS Touring Car and Fisker Karma EcoSport '12 are eligible for this event, they do not appear as opponents.


First RaceEdit

  • Gold: Cr. 18,330
  • Silver: Cr. 11,920
  • Bronze: Cr. 9,170

Second RaceEdit

  • Gold: Cr. 18,590
  • Silver: Cr. 12,080
  • Bronze: Cr. 9,290

Third RaceEdit

  • Gold: Cr. 19,310
  • Silver: Cr. 12,550
  • Bronze: Cr. 9,650
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