The Endurance League contains the long distance or lengthy race events which require an International A License from the Gran Turismo License Centre. Below is a table of events from the Endurance League.

Name License Req. Races Gold Reward
Grand Valley 300kmIAGrand Valley Speedway (60 Laps)F090/S (NTSC)
Polyphony001 (PAL)
Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car '98
Spoon S2000 Race Car '00
Subaru IMPREZA LM Race Car
Seattle 100 MilesIASeattle Circuit (40 Laps)F687/S (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
NISMO GT-R LM Road Going Version '95
Panoz Esperante GTR-1 Race Car '98
Tommy Kaira ZZ-II '00
Laguna Seca 200 MilesIAMazda Raceway Laguna Seca (90 Laps)F686/M (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
Nissan CALSONIC Skyline (JGTC) '00
Toyota ALTEZZA LM Race Car
Passage to ColosseoIARome Circuit (2 Hours)F688/S (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
Gillet Vertigo Race Car '97
Lancia DELTA HF Integrale Rally Car '92
Pagani Zonda LM Race Car
Trial Mountain 2 HoursIATrial Mountain Circuit (2 Hours)F094/H (NTSC)
Polyphony001 (PAL)
Honda S2000 LM Race Car
Lister Storm V12 Race Car '99
Mine's BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 V • spec base '00
Special Stage Route 11 All-NightIASpecial Stage Route 11 (50 Laps)F687/S (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
Honda ARTA NSX (JGTC) '00
Roadster EnduranceIAApricot Hill Raceway (40 Laps)F688/S (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
Mazda MX-5 Miata 1.8 RS (NB, J) '98
Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) '89
Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) '93
Tokyo R246 EnduranceIATokyo R246 (100 Laps)F094/H (NTSC)
Polyphony001 (PAL)
Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car
Toyota GT-ONE Road Car (TS020) '98
Mistral 78 LapsIACôte d'Azur (78 Laps)F686/M (NTSC)
Polyphony002 (PAL)
Jaguar XJ220 '92
Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car
Pagani Zonda LM Race Car (PAL/NTSC-U)
Lamborghini NOMAD Diablo GT-1 (JGTC) '00 (NTSC-J)
Super Speedway 150 MilesIASuper Speedway (100 Laps)Chevrolet Corvette C5-R (C5) '00
F090/S (NTSC)
Polyphony001 (PAL)
Clio Renault Sport Trophy V6 24V Race Car '00
2000 Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car

Full Completion of the Endurance League awards:

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