Polyphony F688/S
Appears in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Manufacturer Flag of Japan Polyphony
Drivetrain MR
Engine Honda RA166-E V6
Max Power 789 BHP
Weight 500 kg (1,100 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 0.63 kg (1.4 lb) per horsepower

The Polyphony F688/S is a Formula One styled car available in the NTSC version of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. It is based on the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 driven by Ayrton Senna (and Alain Prost) in the Formula One World Championship, dominating the whole season winning all but one races that season. It is one of six Formula One style cars in the NTSC version of the game. It is identical in specification to the PAL version's Polyphony002.

McLaren MP4-4

A McLaren MP4/4, which this car is based off of.


The F688/S is not available for purchase in Gran Turismo 3. It can be acquired as one of four prize cars from:

A F688/S is awarded upon completion of Simulation Mode in Gran Turismo 3. The car is not available in the PAL version of the game (see instead: Polyphony001 or Polyphony002)


  • The F688/S is shown to use Pirelli tires (and carries BP sponsorship, possibly using BP fuel as well), despite the source car, the MP4/4, using Goodyear tires and Shell fuel.
  • Internally, the car is named "mclaren_mp4_4", alluding to the base car.



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