The FF Challenge is an event in Gran Turismo 6, found in the National B Class. It is open to only front-engined, front-wheel driven cars.

In-game descriptionEdit

A race event exclusively for front-engine, front-wheel drive cars. Aimed at beginner drivers.


  • PP: 550 or less
  • Tires: Sports Hard or less
  • Drivetrain: FF



Race 1Edit

  • 1st: Cr. 9,470
  • 2nd: Cr. 6,150
  • 3rd: Cr. 4,730

Race 2Edit

  • 1st: Cr. 9,530
  • 2nd: Cr. 6,200
  • 3rd: Cr. 4,730

Race 3Edit

  • 1st: Cr. 9,620
  • 2nd: Cr. 6,250
  • 3rd: Cr. 4,810

Recommended CarsEdit

  • Renault Sport Clio R.S. '11 - The Clio is light and has excellent handling, which makes it a strong contender. While the cost of 36400 credits is not cheap, it can also be obtained for free if the player gets all stars in the Novice category.
  • Renault Sport Mégane R.S. Trophy '11 - A bigger brother of the Clio RS, the Megane has more power and handles just as well, making it one of the best handling FF road cars. It is only slightly more expensive than the Clio, at a 38500 credits.
  • Ford Focus ST '13 - The Focus handles well, and has more than enough power to keep up with the opposition. It also has a very generous purchase cost of 24500 credits. It is also a part of the National B Recommended Cars list.
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