The Ferrari F2007 is a race car produced by Ferrari. It only appears in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Gran Turismo PSP, and Gran Turismo 5.

In the 2007 F1 season, the F2007 was driven by Brazilian driver Felipe Massa (#5) and Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen (#6). Massa finished 4th in the Driver's Championship while Räikkönen went on the win the world championship. Additionally, Scuderia Ferrari also won the Constructor's Championship.

Colors[edit | edit source]

Excluding car number variations, two colours are available for this car, both of which are unnamed in the games:

  • Red
  • Dark Red

In-game description[edit | edit source]

This description is taken from the description page in GT5. It is transcluded from here.

The 2007 Formula 1 season introduced some interesting rule changes that made the competition among the drivers closer than it had been in several years.

Ferrari adapted well to the new rules replacing its 248 F1 race car the year before with the F2007, a truly revolutionary and innovative machine. In addition to regulations introduced in 2006 limiting engines to eight cylinders with a maximum of 2.4 liters of displacement, new rules in 2007 limited engine revs to 19,000 rpm.

To offset the limit in max revs, Ferrari engineers redesigned the engine's combustion chamber and intake/exhaust ports for maximum efficiency and flow, keeping peak horsepower at the highest level. Additionally, a new "seamless shift" feature introduced on the F2007 eliminated any drive loss during shifting.

Also, the F2007 saw great gains in aerodynamics, with downforce increased throughout the vehicle. It's said that the car had enough downforce to drive upside down (sticking to a ceiling) going at a relatively slow speed. The lower arms on the front suspension were redesigned, allowing for cleaner airflow at the front of the car, while a new, more compact, carbon-fiber 7-speed gearbox improved air flow at the rear.

Drivers for the 2007 season included Brazil's Felipe Massa and Finland's Kimi Raikkonen. In a closely-fought championship battle, Raikkonen took the title, scoring 110 championship points while the McLaren-Mercedes team of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso tied for 2nd with 109 points each.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

GT5P[edit | edit source]

This car can be bought from Ferrari dealership for 2,000,000 Credits.

GTPSP[edit | edit source]

This car may appear randomly from dealerships and cost 8,000,000 Credits.

GT5[edit | edit source]

As a premium car, the Ferrari F2007 can be purchased from Ferrari dealership for 12,500,000 Credits. It can also be acquired using a Level 24 ticket. With the Level 24 ticket, the car has a chance of 1/3 (33% of probability) to come as a prize car. A Standard version of this car can be imported from Gran Turismo PSP, but its use is limited to Arcade Mode only, unless purchased from Online Collector's Dealership; the Standard version of the F2007 was available there from August 29th to September 12th, 2013, and on March 13th to 27th, 2014, both times alongside the Standard version of Enzo Ferrari '02.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This car is the first licensed Formula One car in Gran Turismo series.
  • It's one of the fastest cars in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Gran Turismo 5, and it can easily overtake other cars due to its acceleration.
    • It is also the only Ferrari F1 car in Gran Turismo 5 to have an alternate colour scheme.
      • Due to reasons never disclosed by Polyphony Digital (most likely licensing issues), the Ferrari F2007 cannot be used in A-Spec or B-spec modes (even if regulations accept any car), and can only be used in one-make races. The car also cannot be used in Arcade Mode's 2 Player Battle mode.
  • In GT5, the Standard version of this car, importable from GTPSP, has a Martini logo on the nose cone (Martini is an Italian alcohol brand). The logo was quietly removed in Update 2.15, probably to remain consistent with the Lancia Delta rally cars (which censored the Martini logos), and to comply with international alcohol advertising laws.
  • The Marlboro barcode is replaced by a red space on the car, probably due to the subliminal advertising controversy.
    • Texture files in GT PSP does include the Marlboro barcodes, although they are left unused for reasons above.[2] In addition, car thumbnail files within GT5 Prologue also contain images for both barcode and no-barcode versions of the car, each stored separately for Massa and Räikkönen versions.[3]
    • The barcode versions of the car were used in special versions of the game intended for use on Ferrari hospitality suites in some Formula One race events.
  • This is the only car in GT5 Prologue to have showroom glitches such as the colours cutting inside the car’s body.
  • While both Massa (#5) and Räikkönen (#6) versions of the car are available in GT5 Prologue and GT5, only the Räikkönen version is available in GT PSP.
    • In addition, it was planned that both Massa and Räikkönen variants were going to be separate cars, rather than being chosen as car colors.
  • Under certain conditions in GT PSP, it is possible to have an AI race featuring the F2007 against the Formula Gran Turismo, or having the Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 '89 race against F2007s.
    • It is unknown however if the car can be used in Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc races against other cars.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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