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Fuji International Speedway is a real world circuit located in Shizuoka, Japan. It appears in Gran Turismo 4 and Tourist Trophy (as Fuji Speedway 2005), Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo 6, Gran Turismo Sport (as part of Update 1.28) and Gran Turismo 7. It is one of several variants of the Fuji Speedway circuit.

Prior to Gran Turismo Sport's update 1.29, the circuit was known as Fuji Speedway F.

Fuji Speedway F superimposed onto the full new circuit


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  • Beyond the Horizon: Beginner Drifting 1
  • Moby Dick: Mixed Class Race Overtaking 1
    • The Pass; Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 '16
      Be the fastest in a race with Gr.2 and Gr.3 cars on track. Be wary of the movements of your rivals at corner entries where the class difference really shows.
      • Gold: 1st
      • Silver: 2nd
      • Bronze: 3rd

Lap Guide[]

Sector 1[]

The lap starts at Fuji Speedway's notorious long straight. Launch your car properly to get maximum grip and optimum speed. There's a very tight hairpin right after this that you can use as a great overtaking spot. If you have a car with excellent brakes, it's OK to brake a bit late and accelerate at the corner. If you don't have a car with excellent brakes, adjust your brake timing so you won't be too slow or overshoot the corner. Once done, there's a descending right-hand kink. Use it to your advantage and accelerate. Thankfully there is plenty of tarmac runoff outside the hairpin, so you can get back on track safer.

Sector 2[]

Sector 2 starts at a sharp left-hander right after the descent. Brake accordingly and tackle the corner at medium speed (3rd or 4th gear). After that, there's a rather long 180 degree turn. Adjust your throttle and brake input accordingly to get the best out of your car at this turn (with an average performance car, you can do this 180 degree turn at 130-160 km/h). Then, there's a tight hairpin which is followed by a long right-hand kink. Brake accordingly, turn the car at 90-100 km/h, and accelerate towards the long stretch.

Sector 3[]

There's a tight and narrow hairpin right after the stretch. Brake hard when you're about to enter the corner, and when turning, make sure to aim for the kerbs. There'll be another sharp turn, and at this point, your car might understeer a bit (it's more prominent when you're driving larger/heavier/lesser grip cars). As usual, aim for the kerbs at this point. After the tight switchback, there'll be one final tight corner to tackle. Tackle the final corner at around 90 km/h, and put the pedal to the metal to complete the lap (Note: at the straight, when you're driving a grand tourer/supercar, it's highly possible to hit over 280 km/h).

Replay Demo[]


Fuji International Speedway 1 Lap Attack


  • In GT4, the track has only one sector and has no advertising other than Fuji Speedway logos, as the track's renovation was just being done prior to release.
  • In GT6, there is an advertisement for Sonic the Hedgehog on the starting line (Sega Sammy Group had sponsored a particular section of the track), as well as logos for WEC Fuji 6 Hours on the rear of pit buildings (visible from sector 2). The Sonic the Hedgehog logo was replaced with logos for Sega World Driver's Championship, a Japan-only arcade game featuring Super GT cars, in GT Sport.
  • In GT Sport version 1.45, a Lexus advertisement in the last turns of the track was replaced to those promoting the Toyota GR Supra; the ads were first seen during Super GT pre-season tests.