GT300 Championship (GT2)
League Level Special Event
License Level International B
Series Type Championship
No. of Races 5
Tyre Restriction No restrictions
Tyre Wear No
Car Type Restriction No restrictions
1st Place Prize 15,000 Cr
Championship Bonus 100,000 Cr

The GT300 Championship is a championship in Gran Turismo 2. It is a 5 race championship revolving around cars in the GT300 class of the JGTC.


Each race is 5 laps long.

  1. Grand Valley East
  2. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
  3. Deep Forest Raceway
  4. Mid-Field Raceway
  5. Apricot Hill Raceway


Excluding the grand prize of Cr. 100.000 and one of the four prize cars, here is the prize chart per race. Points are also added for each ranks, ranging from 1 point for the last place to 8 points for the first place.

1st: Cr. 15,000 + 8 pts

2nd: Cr. 8,000 + 6 pts

3rd: Cr. 5,000 + 4 pts

4th: Cr. 2,000 + 3 pts

5th: Cr. 1,000 + 2 pts

6th: Cr. 500 + 1 pt

Typical OpponentsEdit

These are the typical opponents of the championship:

Power (BHP) Tyre Type Car (Name)
374Racing Super-SoftToyota Momo Corse Apex MR2 GT (JGTC) '99
446Racing Super-SoftRE Amemiya Matsukiyo RX-7 (JGTC) '99
358Racing Super-SoftToyota BP Apex Kraft Trueno GT (JGTC) '99
378Racing Super-SoftMitsubishi Taeivon Trampio FTO (JGTC) '99
413Racing Super-SoftNissan Zanavi Arta Silvia GT (JGTC) '99
453Racing Super-SoftSubaru Cusco Subaru Impreza GT (JGTC) '99
394Racing Super-SoftToyota Weds Sport Celica GT (JGTC) '99
413Racing Super-SoftNissan Daisin Silvia GT (JGTC) '99

Prize CarsEdit

The four prize cars of this event all have a chance of 1/4 (25% probability) to be won. So, in order to get a certain prize car, the player must repeat the event if he/she want to get another prize car. All four prize cars have a selling value of 125.000 Credits

Tips and TricksEdit

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