The PT Cruiser combines the classic form of a 1930s sedan with the personality of an aggressive hot-rod. Though[1] it just recycled existing mechanical components in its development, it has come to be a real hit, representative of Chryslers in recent years. This vehicle was based on the sub-compact Neon, and shares the same powertrain and suspension. With a reasonable price tag of just under $20,000 in the U.S, the fact that it doesn't give the driver the feeling of driving a cheap car has definitely been a major reason contributing to its success.

The PT Cruiser is loaded with a 150 HP, 2.4L DOHC 4-cylinder engine. Due to the fact that its components are the same as the Neon's, there are no expectations for high performance. But, because many people enjoy the Cruiser more for its feel as opposed to its performance, this has never really been much of a problem. Only the version which was produced for the United States is equipped with a 2.4L; where the versions that were exported to countries in Europe and to Japan are given a 2.0L engine.

The PT Cruiser has steadily developed an owners fan club that began in the United States but has since spread worldwide, effectively turning ownership of the vehicle into a hobby. To help bring in new users, special limited-edition models, called the "Dream Cruiser", are introduced every year. Because of[2] its use of a durable chassis, various models with turbos and more power, as well as attractive convertibles, have been released.


  1. Misspelt as "through" in the game.
  2. The "of" is omitted in the game.