On 20 December 2010, Gran Turismo 5 was given a v1.05 update. The 608MB download also incorporated updates planned for v1.04 which was never released on its own. This update was accompanied by a full transcript in the News section of Gran Turismo 5.

Major features[edit | edit source]

This update, weighing in at a hefty 608MB, adds a number of new game modes and upgrades to the game:

"Seasonal Events have been added to the GT Mode: GT Life screen. From here you can participate in offcial online events from the Polyphony Digital team."
"An Online Collector's Dealership has been added to the left and centre of the GT Mode: GT Life screen. In here you will find popular and rare cars. You might just find the one car you've always been looking for, that you haven't been able to find in the Used Car Dealership."
One such car that was added is the Formula Gran Turismo which many players were having trouble acquiring from the Used Car Dealership. The car is required for the Formula GT Event.
  • Online Race Rewards and Experience
"When you complete a race in the Open Lobby or My Lounge, you will now gain rewards and experience points. Even if you are focused more on playing online, you'll still be able to gain rewards and levels that you need to progress in GT Life"
  • Driving Distance and Number of Wins in Online Races
"The driving distance and the number of wins you achieve when completing a race in Open Lobby or My Lounge will now affect your stats in Profile and the Garage. Here the results from your online play will cumulate within GT Life"
This means that online play will now count towards collecting 1000 Tickets and the Beyond the Autobahn trophy.
  • Improved Rewards
"The rewards for winning races in both A-Spec and B-Spec in GT Mode: GT Life have been increased for a limited time only (This applies until the end of January 2011). This is a great chance for those who were previously having difficulties getting ahead in the game, due to a lack of funds for tuning and purchasing required cars."
  • Race Information Display
"It is now possible to set the Race Info Display in Start: Quick Options (or Options: Race Display).
  • Save Data Backup
"You can now copy and restore your save data. For details, please refer to the in-game Manual"
  • User BGM (Menu)
"From Options: Hardware: Audio Settings, it is now possible to set the User BGM (Menu). (This can also be set from the Music Library within GT Mode)"
  • Car Name Change
"The official name of "Red Bull X1" has been changed to the "Red Bull X2010."
  • Integration with the Website
"The main features within GT Mode: Community can now also be accessed through the granturismo.com official website."
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