On September 25, 2012, Update v.2.08 was realeased for Gran Turismo 5.

Bug Fixes and New Features[edit | edit source]

Updates and New Features[edit | edit source]

  • It is now possible to select “Disable Collisions” in the [Event Settings] of online races.
  • ID’s are now shown above cars when watching online races.
  • The response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS" and "TH8RS” have been adjusted.
  • The rate of tire wear in endurance races has been reduced. (Excluding formula cars.)
  • The strength of air resistance when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased.
  • The autopilot has been adjusted to prevent colliding with the wall when exiting the pit lane on the Tsukuba circuit.
  • Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)

Correction of Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue where experience points and rewards were not awarded when racing online on the Twin Ring Motegi.
  • Fixed an issue where the tires would change when resuming a suspended endurance race.
  • Fixed an issue where when switching from a setting sheet with dirt/snow tires to a sheet with normal tires, the dirt/snow tires settings remain displayed.
  • Reduced an issue where the vehicle would jump violently when going over angled bumps on road surfaces or sharp cornerstones.
  • Fixed an issue with the Twin Ring Motegi Course name not displayed correctly when searching in the Open Lobby.
  • It is now easier to hear your own car when driving with other cars in online races, etc.
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