The GT Auto logo, taken from Gran Turismo 5.

GT Auto is a service area debuting in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. This place allows the player to do one of the following: Car Wash, Oil Change, Wheel Shop, and GT Wing.

Beginning with Gran Turismo 5, GT Auto gains more facilities such as Paint Body, Paint Wheels, Install Aero Kits, Overhaul Engine, Restore Body Rigidity, and Racing Modifications. This was simplified in Gran Turismo 6 with the menus sorted under five facilities: Tuning Parts, Racing Gear, Custom Parts, Paint, and Pit Service.

The FacilitiesEdit

Car WashEdit

Have your car washed by hand using special soap with waterproof coating effects. This will make your car look shinier after driving it for an extended amount of time.

This feature debuted in the first Gran Turismo, prior to GT Auto's debut.

Oil ChangeEdit

Oil Change using high-performance engine oil with excellent lubricating and cooling capabilities. This will also temporarily increase the power of a car.

Wheel ShopEdit

Purchase new wheels or change your car's existing set. Wheels on a Standard car cannot be changed in Gran Turismo 5 until Spec 2.0.

This feature debuted in the Gran Turismo 2, prior to GT Auto's debut. In Gran Turismo Sport, where GT Auto does not appear, changing wheels is part of Livery Editor (although wheels must be first bought in Mileage Exchange).

Paint BodyEdit

Repaint your car's body using one of your available paint chips. Paint chips are single-use in Gran Turismo 5, but are indefinitely usable in Gran Turismo 6.

Paint WheelsEdit

Repaint your car's wheels using one of your available paint chips. A custom wheel must be installed first; however, GT Sport's Livery Editor allows painting of stock wheels.

Install Aero KitsEdit

Purchase or change aerodynamic parts that create downforce at high speed to increase stability. Parts consist of aero kits, flat bottom (GT6 only), rear wings (debuted in GT4; custom rear wings can be designed and painted in GT6), and miscellaneous parts.

Overhaul EngineEdit

Rebuild an engine that has been worn down due to extended driving in order to restore it to its full potential.

Restore Body RigidityEdit

Repairs damage caused to the car body during extended circuit driving, thereby restoring its original rigidity.

Racing ModificationsEdit

Available only in GT5, this option allows the player to perform various racing modifications, such as making your car more lightweight and fitting a roll cage on some Premium cars. For more details, see the main article here.

Tuning PartsEdit

In GT6, parts that can increase a car's performance, such as power upgrades and tires, are sold through GT Auto. Most parts can also be purchased on the car settings screen.

Driving GearEdit

Custom Driving Gear, consisting of driver suits and helmets, can be purchased through GT Auto in GT6; these suits were originally randomly obtained items in GT5. Some items, such as driver suits belonging to WRC and NASCAR stars, must be worn together.

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