GT HiFi in GT1 Simulation Mode

GT HiFi (short for Gran Turismo High Fidelity) is a special game mode that appeared only in the original Gran Turismo. This special game mode allows the player to race in a two-lap time trial with the game running at 60 FPS, hence the "HiFi" in its name. In order to run the game at 60 FPS, the courses contain less details than the original versions. There are three circuits that can be accessed in this game mode, Clubman Stage Route 5, Special Stage Route 5, and Special Stage Route 11.

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

This game mode can be unlocked in both Arcade Mode and Simulation Mode:

  • In Arcade Mode, the player must win on all the eight circuits, with all the three car classes, on Difficult level. Once unlocked, the HiFi Mode can be accessed on the Bonus section.
  • In Simulation Mode, the player must win the Gran Turismo World Cup. Once unlocked, the HiFi mode will be available in the Special Event section.



  • The HiFi mode is effectively the only way to access the Special Stage Route 11 in the Arcade mode without cheat devices.
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