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{{Main|Music of the Gran Turismo series}}
The opening song for the US and European versions is the song ''Everything Must Go'' by the '''Manic Street Preachers''' remixed by the '''Chemical Brothers'''. The opening song for the Japanese version is ''Moon Over The Castle'' by '''Masahiro Andoh''', and it is often considered the "main theme" for the series. It is the also the opening theme for the Japanese versions of [[Gran Turismo 2]], [[Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec]], and [[Gran Turismo 4]].
The Japanese version sports an original soundtrack by '''Masahiro Andoh''' (guitarist and lead composer of renowned jazz-fusion band T-Square) and '''Isamu Ohira'''. The opening song, "Moon Over The Castle", is often considered the main theme for the series, returning as the opening theme for the Japanese versions of every subsequent game in the main series.
The US and European releases, in contrast, use a selection of licensed rock and electronica songs. Their opening song is "Everything Must Go" by the '''Manic Street Preachers''' remixed by the '''Chemical Brothers'''. Other artists featured include Garbage, David Bowie, Blur, Placebo, and Supergrass, among others.
The game includes a limited selection of licensed songs. These include: ''Lose Control'' by '''Ash''' From the album '''1977''', 4 songs from the Swim era of '''Feeder''' :''Chicken On A Bone Reworked instrumental''; ''Shade Instrumental''; ''Tangerine Instrumental''; and ''Sweet 16''. ''As Heaven is Wide'' by '''Garbage''', ''Oxyacetalene''; ''Skeletal''; ''Autonomy''; and ''Industry'' by '''Cubanate''', and ''High'' by '''TMF''' (exclusive GT mix of ''5 Miles High'').
==Limited Edition==
==Limited Edition==
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