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The following is a list of cars which feature in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, ordered by Manufacturer:


  • [JP] the car appear in Japanese release
  • [US] the car appear in North American release
  • [EU] the car appear in European release
  • [GE] the car appear if the language isn't set to English (Europe only)
  • [UK] the car appear if the language is set to English (Europe only)
  • [A] the car is available from start in Arcade Mode
  • [AP] the car need to be unlocked in Arcade Mode
  • [D] the car can race on dirt courses
  • [L] the car appear in license test
  • [P] the car appear also/only as a prize
  • [PS] the car appear also as a prize with special colors
  • [TT] the car appear in Time Trial
  • [U] the car is unused

Acura Flag of USA[]

Alfa Romeo Flag of Italy[]

Aston Martin Flag of United Kingdom[]

Audi Flag of Germany[]

BMW Flag of Germany[]

Chevrolet Flag of USA[]

Chrysler Flag of USA[]

Citroën Flag of France[]

Daihatsu Flag of Japan[]

Dodge Flag of USA[]

Fiat Flag of Italy[]

Ford Flag of USA[]

Gillet Flag of Belgium[]

Honda Flag of Japan[]

Jaguar Flag of United Kingdom[]

Lamborghini Flag of Italy [JP][]

Lancia Flag of Italy[]

Lister Flag of United Kingdom[]

Lotus Flag of United Kingdom[]

Mazda Flag of Japan[]

Mercedes-Benz Flag of Germany[]

Mine's Flag of Japan[]

Mini Flag of United Kingdom[]

Mitsubishi Flag of Japan[]

Mugen Flag of Japan[]

Nismo Flag of Japan[]

Nissan Flag of Japan[]

Opel Flag of Germany [GE][]

Pagani Flag of Italy[]

Panoz Flag of USA[]

Peugeot Flag of France[]

Polyphony Digital Flag of Japan[]

Porsche Flag of Germany [U][]

Renault Flag of France[]

RUF Flag of Germany[]

Shelby Flag of USA[]

Spoon Flag of Japan[]

Subaru Flag of Japan[]

Suzuki Flag of Japan[]

Tickford Flag of Australia[]

Tom's Flag of Japan[]

Tommy kaira Flag of Japan[]

Toyota Flag of Japan[]

TRD Flag of Japan[]

TVR Flag of United Kingdom[]

Vauxhall Flag of United Kingdom [UK][]

Volkswagen Flag of Germany[]


  1. An unused variation of this car feature a Japanese license plate. Also if its data is present also in other releases, the name will not change
  2. This is the "unique" S-Special trim. It appears just in its "variation" model. It feature a roll cage and a Japanese license plate. As other "variation models" don't have name changes between releases
  3. An another unused extra model for it feature a roll cage and a Gran Turismo license plate. This variation don't feature different names per region
  4. An extra model is present. Its feature an odd handling (maybe to test dirt handling) and other small changes, as an altered RPM range
  5. 5.0 5.1 The name is miswritten as "Caribra"