This is a list of all circuits featured in Gran Turismo 5.

Track Parent Circuit Country
Flag of Gran Turismo 5
Length mi (km) Variable Weather Time Change
Fuji Speedway FFuji SpeedwayFlag of Japan JPN2.84 (4.57) No No
Fuji Speedway GTFuji SpeedwayFlag of Japan JPN2.81 (4.52) No No
Suzuka CircuitSuzuka CircuitFlag of Japan JPN3.61 (5.80)Yes No
Suzuka Circuit East CourseSuzuka CircuitFlag of Japan JPN1.39 (2.23) No No
Daytona SuperspeedwayDaytona International SpeedwayFlag of USA USA2.50 (4.02) No No
Daytona Road CourseDaytona International SpeedwayFlag of USA USA3.56 (5.73 No No
Tsukuba CircuitTsukuba CircuitFlag of Japan JPN1.27 (2.04) No No
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009Circuit de la SartheFlag of France FRA8.47 (13.63)YesYes
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 No ChicaneCircuit de la SartheFlag of France FRA8.43 (13.56) No No
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005Circuit de la SartheFlag of France FRA8.48 (13.67) No No
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 No ChicaneCircuit de la SartheFlag of France FRA8.44 (13.58) No No
Nürburgring NordschleifeNürburgringFlag of Germany GER12.95 (20.84)Yes[1]Yes
Nürburgring GP/FNürburgringFlag of Germany GER3.20 (5.15) No No
Nürburgring 24hNürburgringFlag of Germany GER15.76 (25.36)YesYes
Nürburgring GP/DNürburgringFlag of Germany GER2.26 (3.63) No No
Nürburgring TypeVNürburgringFlag of Germany GER15.18 (24.43) No No
Indianapolis SuperspeedwayIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayFlag of USA USA2.50 (4.02) No No
Indianapolis Road CourseIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayFlag of USA USA2.61 (4.20) No No
Autodromo Nazionale MonzaAutodromo Nazionale MonzaFlag of Italy ITA3.60 (5.79)Yes No
Autodromo Nazionale Monza (No Chicane)Autodromo Nazionale MonzaFlag of Italy ITA3.58 (5.76) No No
The Top Gear Test TrackThe Top Gear Test TrackFlag of the United Kingdom UK1.75 (2.81) No No
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaMazda Raceway Laguna SecaFlag of USA USA2.24 (3.60) No No
High Speed Ring[R]High Speed RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.49 (4.00)Yes No
Cape RingCape RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT4.39 (7.06) No No
Cape Ring InsideCape RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT1.54 (2.48) No No
Cape Ring NorthCape RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.39 (3.84) No No
Cape Ring PeripheryCape RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.86 (4.60) No No
Cape Ring SouthCape RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.01 (3.23) No No
Autumn Ring[R]Autumn RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT1.83 (2.94) No No
Autumn Ring Mini[R]Autumn RingFlag of Gran Turismo GT0.80 (1.28) No No
Deep Forest Raceway[R]Deep Forest RacewayFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.24 (3.60) No No
Grand Valley Speedway[R]Grand Valley SpeedwayFlag of Gran Turismo GT3.07 (4.94) No No
Grand Valley East[R]Grand ValleyFlag of Gran Turismo GT1.98 (3.20) No No
Eiger Nordwand Short Track[R]Eiger NordwandFlag of Switzerland CH[2]1.51Yes No
Trial Mountain Circuit[R]Trial Mountain CircuitFlag of Gran Turismo GT2.47 (3.97) No No
London[R]LondonFlag of the United Kingdom UK1.19 (1.91) No No
Rome[R]RomeFlag of Italy ITA2.16 No No
Circuito de Madrid[R]Circuito de MadridFlag of Spain ESP2.11 (3.39) No No
Circuito de Madrid Mini[R]Circuito de MadridFlag of Spain ESP1.32 (2.12) No No
Tokyo R246[R]Tokyo R246Flag of Japan JPN3.18 (5.12) No No
Côte d'AzurCôte d'AzurFlag of Monaco MON2.08 (3.34) No No
Special Stage Route 5[R]Special Stage Route 5Flag of Gran Turismo GT2.35 No No[3]
Clubman Stage Route 5[R]Special Stage Route 5Flag of Gran Turismo GT1.53 No No[3]
Special Stage Route 7Special Stage Route 7Flag of Gran Turismo GT14.47Yes No[3]
Eiger Nordwand K Trail[R]Eiger NordwandFlag of Switzerland CH[2]4.45 No No
Eiger Nordwand G Trail[R]Eiger NordwandFlag of Switzerland CH[2]2.25 No No
Eiger Nordwand W Trail[R]Eiger NordwandFlag of Switzerland CH[2]0.98 No No
Toscana[R]ToscanaFlag of Italy ITA[2]2.12 NoYes
Chamonix MainChamonixFlag of France FRA[2]5.13Yes No
Chamonix EastChamonixFlag of France FRA[2]2.00Yes No
Chamonix WestChamonixFlag of France FRA[2]3.34Yes No
Chamonix MiniChamonixFlag of France FRA[2]0.99Yes No
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Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsCircuit de Spa-FrancorchampsFlag of Belgium BEL7.004Yes No
Kart Space IKart Space I/IIFlag of Gran Turismo GT0.48 No No
Kart Space IIKart Space I/IIFlag of Gran Turismo GT0.41 No No
Special Stage Route XSpecial Stage Route XFlag of Gran Turismo GT18.82 NoYes
Twin Ring Motegi Super SpeedwayTwin Ring MotegiFlag of Japan JPN1.50 No No
Twin Ring Motegi East Short CourseTwin Ring MotegiFlag of Japan JPN2.13 No No
Twin Ring Motegi West Short CourseTwin Ring MotegiFlag of Japan JPN0.93 No No
Twin Ring Motegi Road CourseTwin Ring MotegiFlag of Japan JPN2.98 No No


[R]: Reversible


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