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Gran Turismo 6 contains 1,279 cars and 111 manufacturers. Nearly all of these are the ones already present in Gran Turismo 5, plus other cars are made specifically for this release, while there are also some cars that didn't appeared in GT5, but in earlier Gran Turismo games (such the Gran Turismo 4's Auto Union V16 Type C Streamline '37). The car classification is virtually the same as the predecessor, where Standard and Premium is now Simple and Detailed. Many of the Gran Turismo 5 cars was upgraded to Detailed (Like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 '09). GT6 lacks the feature to connect Gran Turismo PSP garage with the Gran Turismo 6 one to get Standard version of certain Premium cars as GT5. Gran Turismo 6 celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Gran Turismo Franchise.

Of those, 25 cars of the 1,279 are "15th Anniversary" cars (shortened as "15th Anniv" in this list and in-game), with slightly tuning and a special blue livery with 15th Anniversary logos. They were available only if the game was pre-ordered through the official Gran Turismo website, or if the steelbox version of the game was purchased. Again, GT6 features the Vision Gran Turismo project (added in 1.01 Update), whereas 21 cars of the 1,279 are indeed VGT. The first VGT car available was the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, where is a gift the first time that you will buy one. These cars can be purchased from the dedicated Vision Gran Turismo dealership. With the 1.05 Update an extra BMW M4 Coupé that adds "Frozen Black Metallic" to its name, was available only in a certain Seasonal Event, but with an exploit players was able to get it directly from the dealership, although this was fixed in a hotfix. Car listing is in alphabetical order by manufacturer and then by car model. Here all of the 1,279 cars:


  • [sp] is a car with Simple interior
  • [se] is a car with Detailed exterior but Simple interior
  • [dt] is a car with Detailed interior
  • [no] is a car without interior and interior camera

Abarth Flag of Italy[]

AC Cars Flag of USA[]

Acura Flag of USA[]

AEM Flag of USA[]

Alfa Romeo Flag of Italy[]

Alpine Flag of France[]

Amuse Flag of Japan[]

Art Morrison Flag of USA[]

Aston Martin Flag of United Kingdom[]

Audi Flag of Germany[]

Autobacs Flag of Japan[]

Autobianchi Flag of Italy[]

Ayrton Senna Flag of Polyphony Digital (1.08 Update)Update Icon.gif[]

Bentley Flag of United Kingdom[]

Blitz Flag of Japan[]

BMW Flag of Germany[]

Bugatti Flag of France[]

Buick Flag of USA[]

Cadillac Flag of USA[]

Callaway Flag of USA[]

Caterham Flag of United Kingdom[]

Chaparral Flag of USA[]

Chevrolet Flag of USA[]

Chrysler Flag of USA[]

Citroën Flag of France[]

Cizeta Flag of Italy[]

Daihatsu Flag of Japan[]

DeltaWing Flag of USA[]

DMC Flag of USA[]

Dodge Flag of USA[]

Dome Flag of Japan[]

Eagle Flag of USA[]

Ferrari Flag of Italy[]

Fiat Flag of Italy[]

Fisker Flag of USA[]

Ford Flag of USA[]

Ford, AU Flag of Australia[]

Gran Turismo Flag of Polyphony Digital[]

Grand Touring Garage Flag of USA[]

Gillet Flag of Belgium[]

High End Performance Flag of USA[]

HKS Flag of Japan[]

Holden Flag of Australia[]

Hommell Flag of France[]

Honda Flag of Japan[]

HPA Motorsports Flag of Canada[]

Hudson Flag of USA (1.02 Update) Update Icon.gif[]

Hyundai Flag of South Korea[]

Infiniti Flag of USA[]

Isuzu Flag of Japan[]

Jaguar Flag of United Kingdom[]

Jay Leno Flag of USA[]

KTM Flag of Austria[]

Lamborghini Flag of Italy[]

Lancia Flag of Italy[]

Land Rover Flag of United Kingdom[]

Lexus Flag of Japan[]

Light Car Company Flag of United Kingdom[]

Lister Flag of United Kingdom[]

Lotus Flag of United Kingdom[]

Marcos Flag of United Kingdom[]

Maserati Flag of Italy[]

Mazda Flag of Japan[]

McLaren Flag of United Kingdom[]

Mercedes-Benz Flag of Germany[]

Mercury Flag of USA[]

MG Flag of United Kingdom[]

Mine's Flag of Japan[]

MINI Flag of Germany[]

Mitsubishi Flag of Japan[]

Monster Sport Flag of Japan[]

Mugen Flag of Japan[]

Nismo Flag of Japan[]

Nissan Flag of Japan[]

Opel Flag of Germany[]

Opera Performance Flag of Japan[]

Oullim Motors Flag of South Korea[]

Pagani Flag of Italy[]

Panoz Flag of USA[]

Pescarolo Flag of France[]

Peugeot Flag of France[]

Plymouth Flag of USA[]

Pontiac Flag of USA[]

Pozzi MotorSports Flag of USA[]

Ram Flag of USA[]

RE Amemiya Flag of Japan[]

Renault Flag of France[]

Renault Sport Flag of France[]

RUF Flag of Germany[]

Saleen Flag of USA[]

Scion Flag of USA[]

SEAT Flag of Spain[]

Shelby Flag of USA[]

Spoon Flag of Japan[]

Spyker Flag of Holland[]

SRT Flag of USA[]

Stielow Engineering Flag of USA[]

Subaru Flag of Japan[]

Suzuki Flag of Japan[]

Tajima Flag of Japan[]

Tesla Motors Flag of USA[]

Tommykaira Flag of Japan[]

TOM'S Flag of Japan[]

Toyota Flag of Japan[]

TRD Flag of Japan[]

Trial Flag of Japan[]

Triumph Flag of United Kingdom[]

TVR Flag of United Kingdom[]

Vauxhall Flag of United Kingdom[]

Volkswagen Flag of Germany[]

Volvo Flag of Sweden[]

Removed cars[]

For a list of cars removed from the game during development, see Gran Turismo 6/Unused Content.


  1. It will appear in the dealership only after used that car in Arcade Mode, from the courtesy cars list
  2. The only car that was upgraded from Simple to Detailed. From 1.03 Update have interiors
  3. Available as prize for the Asian exclusive Seasonal Event "BMW Z4 Challenge"
  4. Usable only in Lunar Exploration mode. Have unused description text