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The Gran Turismo F1500T-A is a fictional race car based on the mid-80s Formula One cars. It first appears in Gran Turismo Sport, where it was introduced as part of Update 1.13.


Twelve colours are available for this car, which affects the tertiary and quaternary colours:

  • Silver/Red (#9)
  • Black/Red (#99)
  • Yellow/Black (#82)
  • Pink/Black (#17)
  • Dark Red/Black (#5)
  • Red/Black (#63)
  • Blue/Black (#20)
  • Light Blue/Black (#11)
  • Blue/Black (#7)
  • Dark Blue/Red (#3)
  • Green/Black (#40)
  • Dark Green/Black (#55)

In-game description[]

F1 machines in the mid-80s were characterised by a compact V6 turbo engine and their stoic, well cut appearance. The Gran Turismo F1500T-A is a machine that brings back the style still considered to be the best form in F1 history, with its own unique interpretation.

While maintaining the basic concepts from 30 years ago with a slightly forward cockpit and a simple aerodynamic package, this car also incorporates the performance of a front line formula racing machine.

The carbon fibre chassis is 4,235 mm long, 2,146 mm wide, and has a wheel base of 2,718 mm. The 1.5 litre turbocharged V6 is symbolic of F1 engines from the 1980s, and produces approximately 986 BHP at 11,000 rpm.

The aerodynamic design of the wings and other components also follow the trends from the 80s, but as a result of increased cooling performance of the turbocharger and the engine, the opening of the air outlets on the side pontoons were minimised, improving the aerodynamics on the body sides.

Formula cars are a different type of beast compared to touring cars. Get a taste for Formula level performance with this machine.


GT Sport[]

This car can be purchased in the Gran Turismo section of Brand Central for 1,000,000 Credits.


  • The 3D model of the car is based on that of Ayrton Senna LOTUS 97T '85 (specifically, with GT Auto Aero Kit Type B option), with different roll hoop, rear wings, and wheels.