On Gran Turismo Wiki, as well as other wikis hosted by Wikia, there are various perks which are only available to account holders. This page will provide a brief overview of some of these perks.

Improved privacyEdit

Wikia runs off of a server engine called MediaWiki. Unfortunately, due to the way MediaWiki is built, users who choose to edit without being logged in will have their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses made publicly visible in the page's history. Account holders, on the other hand, will have their user name substituted for their IP address, which provides an extra layer of privacy.

Earn badgesEdit

Also, users who have an account are able to earn badges, Gran Turismo Wiki's version of PlayStation Trophies. Badges can be earned for doing various things around the wiki, such as editing pages, creating articles, and much more. Additionally, each badge is worth points, so the more badges you collect, the higher your score. Score enough, and you'll earn a spot on the Leaderboard!

Edit semi-protected pagesEdit

Sometimes, a page will get a lot of vandalism from users who don't have accounts, or haven't logged into them. In order to keep this from happening, administrators may choose to "semi-protect" the page to keep users who have not logged in from editing it. Account holders, however, are still allowed to edit the page unless it has been "full-protected", in which case only administrators can edit it.

Create Top 10 pagesEdit

Want to list your favorite things about Gran Turismo? Logged-in users can create Top 10 lists, which can provide actual facts, for instance listing the top 10 fastest cars in the Gran Turismo series, or anything else the creator wishes to list.

Move (rename) pagesEdit

So you've created a page, but now that you look a the title, it isn't the best you could have come up with. Users with accounts can choose to "move" (rename) pages to a new one that suits the subject better. Registered editors can also move pages they haven't created.

Send email to other usersEdit

If you've created an account and chosen to attach an email address to it, you can also email users by using the EmailUser function, which can be used as another way to discuss the wiki, or simply friendly off-topic banter.

Comment on articlesEdit

With an account, you can also take advantage of Gran Turismo Wiki's new YouTube-style article comments to provide your opinion on the topic. Like a particular track or car, or want to provide extra player tips on an event? Post your opinion on it in the article comments and let others know!

Other abilitiesEdit

These aren't all the abilities that a registered editor has. See here for more details.

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