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Greetings Gran Turismo fans!

The Gran Turismo Wiki is excited to host Livery and Photo competitions! We welcome submissions from any user playing Gran Turismo Sport.


Simply join our Discord server using the widget in the right rail of the page, wait for staff to provide you the "Official Member" role, and hit up @Gp75motorsports, @RickGT, or @TheGTGeek for more information.

Event Date(s)

Submissions will be accepted each week up to midnight UTC on Saturday. See the "Rules" section for more info.


The winner of the competition each week will receive a custom Gran Turismo Wiki livery for use in Gran Turismo Sport. The livery is available on any car costing 1,000,000 Credits or less.

Winners' submissions will be posted on this page once chosen every Sunday.


  1. Only one entry per contestant. If you decide to change your entry, please remove your old one. You can change your entry twice.
  2. No discussion in the submission channels. If you want to discuss things concerning the livery editor or photomode competitions - asking for help, discussing techniques, et cetera - please do so in the relevant discussion channels, which are listed in the same section.
  3. No obscene content. Keep it SFW!
  4. Please make sure you get your entry in before the deadline, which is midnight UTC on Saturdays. Here's a time zone converter for you so you know which time that is where you live.
  5. Weekly winners will be exempt from entering again for 2 weeks (14 days). This is to give everyone a chance to compete for the top spot. (Exceptions may apply)
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