Here at Gran Turismo Wiki, there are four main categories: cars, tracks, countries, and companies. Each type of article is written very differently from the others, and as such, there are different featured article criteria for each.

Cars Edit

Car articles should contain a long, descriptive article header as well as a few images of the vehicle in question. They should contain a section about the car's history, and, if the car is a race model, they should also have details of the car's real-life performances. It is also recommended that there be a section concerning the car's handling.

Tracks Edit

As with cars, these should also contain a long article header. If the course is real, it should have a history of notable events that have happened at the track. If not, there should be a history concerning the track's appearance in GT games. A turn-by-turn guide is also suggested so that novice player may be able to navigate it with the ease of a veteran.

Countries Edit

Country articles should have a relatively brief header detailing the games that country has been in, as well as an alphabetical list of in-game manufacturers from that country, divided into games.

Companies (Manufacturers) Edit

Like countries, these should have a small section header detailing the games the manufacturer has been featured in. The cars should be listed alphabetically, divided into games. They should also have {{carlistkey}} at the bottom, and the cars should be marked as they are in the template, for instance [R] for race cars, (*) for cars with special paint schemes that must be unlocked, etc.

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