Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Country Flag of USA USA
Circuit Length 2.19 miles (3.52 km)
Track Type Fictional (Real Location)
Road Type Dirt
Appears in Gran Turismo 4 Prologue
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP

Grand Canyon is a long rally circuit featured in Gran Turismo 4 Prologue, Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo PSP. Dirt Tyres are required to drive the course. Due to its difficulty, it is a hard track to race on, making it unlikely to overtake your opponent during races.

In Gran Turismo 4 Prologue, Grand Canyon has a smaller version of the track, known as Grand Canyon Short Track. It is not available to drive in Arcade mode and can only be accessed through the Driving School. Grand Canyon Short Track isn't connected to the main circuit in any way.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Gran Turismo 4 North American Toyota Demo version, Grand Canyon included a tarmac section, and the start line was positioned further back by (an estimated) one hundred metres. It is also worth mentioning that it was possible to drive the Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car on this version of Grand Canyon, a car usually restricted from driving on dirt roads.
  • Grand Canyon is also a Photo Travel location in GT4. If cheat codes are used to forcibly load the photo location, it will appear to use the course map of the rally course.
  • The Mitsubishi CZ-3 Tarmac Rally Car (except in Gran Turismo Concept, as the track have yet to exist) and Mitsubishi PAJERO Evolution Rally Raid Car '03 carry Grand Canyon rally plates, even in PlayStation 3 era games.
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