Grand Touring Car Trophy
Grand Touring Car Trophy
League Level Special Event
License Level International C (Race 1)
International B (Race 2)
International A (Race 3)
Series Type Single Race
No. of Races 3
Tyre Restriction No restrictions
Tyre Wear No
Car Type Restriction No restrictions
1st Place Prize 10,000 Cr (Race 1)
20,000 Cr (Race 2)
30,000 Cr (Race 3)

The Grand Touring Car Trophy is a race series in Gran Turismo 2, found in the third line-up of the Special Event category. It is a race between grand-tourer sports cars.


All of the races are all 3 laps long:


Left = 1st Race, Center = 2nd race, Right = 3rd race

1st: Cr. 10.000, 20.000, 30.000

2nd: Cr. 7.000, 12.000, 20.000

3rd: Cr. 3.000, 8.000, 10.000

4th: Cr. 2.000, 5.000, 7.000

5th: Cr. 1.000, 3.000, 5.000

6th: Cr. 500, 800, 1.000

Typical OpponentsEdit

These are the typical opponents of Event 1:

Power (BHP) Tyre Type Car (Name)
406Racing MediumToyota SUPRA RZ '97
343Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R32) '93
386Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '97
397Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R34) '99
391Racing MediumMitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (J) '99
342Racing MediumChevrolet Camaro SS '97
343Racing MediumFord Mustang SVT Cobra '99
346Racing MediumChevrolet Corvette GRAND SPORT (C4) '96
394Racing MediumJaguar XKR Coupe '99

These are the typical opponents of Event 2:

Power (BHP) Tyre Type Car (Name)
523Racing MediumToyota SUPRA RZ '97
440Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R32) '93
498Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '97
510Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R34) '99
500Racing MediumMitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (J) '99
441Racing MediumChevrolet Camaro SS '97
441Racing MediumFord Mustang SVT Cobra '99
445Racing MediumChevrolet Corvette GRAND SPORT (C4) '96
373Racing MediumJaguar XKR Coupe '99
472Racing MediumDodge Viper GTS '99

These are the typical opponents of Event 3:

Power (BHP) Tyre Type Car (Name)
581Racing MediumToyota SUPRA RZ '97
491Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R32) '93
554Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '97
566Racing MediumNissan SKYLINE GT-R V • spec (R34) '99
558Racing MediumMitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (J) '99
489Racing MediumChevrolet Camaro SS '97
490Racing MediumFord Mustang SVT Cobra '99
496Racing MediumChevrolet Corvette GRAND SPORT (C4) '96
528Racing MediumJaguar XKR Coupe '99
527Racing MediumDodge Viper GTS '99
491Racing MediumRUF CTR "Yellow Bird" '87

Prize CarsEdit

Tips and TricksEdit

  • For the first race, a well balanced 300-350 HP car can be a good choice. If you have already won the first race of this event, you can use the Nissan Daisin Silvia GT (JGTC) '99 in order to win easily the other two races of this event.


  • The opponents in these events often use vehicles that exceed the power limits, especially in the second race. See the opponents chart for details.
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