Country Flag of Switzerland CH
Circuit Length 3.462 kilometres (2.151 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 22
Track Type Original Circuit (Real Location)
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 2

Grindelwald is a fictional circuit based on a town in Switzerland. The circuit, which lies only a few miles from the location of the Eiger Nordwand trails, appears only in Gran Turismo 2.


A 22-turn technical course featuring Alpine scenery and slightly overcast weather, Grindelwald is unique for it's combination of gentle curves, tight bends, and small elevation changes, making it a difficult track to get round quickly.

Track LayoutEdit

This is a medium-high speed course consisting of many technical bends and corners, including two hairpins and one tight chicane. There are also many elevation changes, making optimum traction difficult to maintain at high speeds. There are no run-off areas, with the exception of the small inner field area on turn 10, and an even smaller inside area on the final chicane, the rest of the track is entirely bordered by wooden fencing.

Appearances in GamesEdit

Gran Turismo 2Edit


  • In the opening FMV of Gran Turismo 2, there is a track named "Eiger Path". While no track by this name exists, in early demo versions of the game, Eiger Path was the working title for this track, before it was changed to its final Grindelwald name.