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The HPA Motorsports Stage II R32 '04 is a tuned car produced by HPA Motorsports. It appears in Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.

In-game description[]

This description is taken from the description page in GT5. It is transcluded from here.

The SEMA show is the world's largest custom car and parts showcase, held every autumn in Las Vegas.

Every year at this SEMA show, Gran Turismo selects a recipient of the 'Gran Turismo Award'.

The award is given to the ultimate custom & tuning cars that embody the Gran Turismo philosophy. The car that won the Gran Turismo Award's 'Best in Show' for 2004, was the Stage II R32 of HPA Motorsports.

HPA Motorsports is a tuning manufacturer based in Canada, and prides itself on total customisation of European cars. This Stage II R32 is a monster VW Golf, with HPA's Stage II modifications added to the high performance R32 Golf IV.

The greatest highlight is the twin turbo kit using two K04 turbines. The now twin-turbocharged 3.2L V6 engine produces 552 BHP and 84.3 kgfm torque. With the help of the 4WD, the hatchback rockets forward doing 0-1312.3 ft at 11.5 seconds, 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, and reaches top speeds of over 199 mph. Various parts of the powertrain have been replaced with racing parts as required, to secure durability.

Aside from the lowered suspension and the decals on the body sides, the exterior and interior are quite close to standard, and there is nothing that implies its ultra high performance insides. This is the ultimate 'Q Car', hiding its true potential beneath this veneer of civility.



This car can be purchased from the HPA Motorsports Tuner Village for 31,870 Credits. This is only possible in the international versions of the game.


This car can be purchased for 100,000 Credits.


Unlike most Standard cars, this car cannot be purchased. It must be obtained from the Tuning Car Grand Prix in A-Spec Mode.


This car can be purchased for 260,000 Credits. It has a Simple interior.


  • In GT4, nitrous can't be applied on this car.
  • In GT4, due to HPA Motorsports being incorrectly treated as an American manufacturer, it is possible to use this car on events themed around American cars.