High Speed Ring
High Speed Ring
Circuit Length 1.926 miles (3.100 km) (GT1-2)
2.485 miles (3.999 km) (GT4-6)
Turns (Left/Right) 6
Track Type Original Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue[1]
Gran Turismo 4
Tourist Trophy
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6

The High Speed Ring is an original track from the Gran Turismo series. This track is very iconic to the GT series (although it does not appear in GT3 and GT Sport), as well as being a favorite for many racing gamers for how easy some of the corners are and the fact that players can see their car's speed limit on the track. It is misspelled as "High-speed Link" within the Gran Turismo Mode disc of the PAL version of Gran Turismo 2.


High speed ring

A top-down view of the High Speed Ring from Gran Turismo 5.

The High Speed Ring has been featured in Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 4,Tourist Trophy, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6. Variable weather conditions are available in GT5. It has also appeared in Gran Turismo PSP. The first time the circuit was featured in the original GT, it was in a partially cleared forest with a mountainous background. When the Ring came to GT2, there were little changes made to the track other than small graphical boosts. After being absent in GT3, the High Speed Ring got a major overhaul for GT4; the pit entry was extended to the entry of the final corner when going on the forward circuit, the forest look has been ousted for a plain with a lake in the inside of the track, there is a new bridge after the 2nd turn, and there is a way to manually drive into the pit stop without actually pitting in. In GT5, after the major overhaul in the previous game, the track design has been refined again to make use of the power of the PlayStation 3 console. This version of the track was originally included in GT5 Prologue. From GT5 onwards, this track can also be played in wet weather. The circuit returned in GT6, with even more graphical enhancements for the PlayStation 3.

Events Featuring the RingEdit

Events marked with an asterisk are raced in reverse.






Track LayoutEdit

The car used for the description was the MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car '89 in Gran Turismo 4. The car was modified with a Stage 4 Turbocharger, Hard Racing Tires, Roll Cage, and a custom setup that can be seen here. A fast lap on this setting will be about 51 seconds. This information applies to Gran Turismo 4.

Sector 1Edit

The fastest part of the track, with the potential of reaching 230 MPH+ going into one of the most iconic corners in all of Gran Turismo.

High Speed 2

Corner 1

Corner 1Edit

Going into the first corner, it is crucial to be in either the third lane from the bottom or the top lane. If already on the bottom lanes of the corner, at the exit, the car will understeer into the barriers. If in the third or top lanes on entry, it is possible to go to the bottom lane after the fourth billboard. Nearing the exit of the corner, the car will either begin to ride up to the top lane without mishap, or understeer too much and hit the barrier which may or may not lead to a high-speed crash.

Corner 2Edit

After the first corner, there is a small straight. After the small bridge/sign that says "High Speed Ring" brake hard but not fully, because if you're driving without ABS the brakes will lock up. Dive down into the bottom lane as much as you can after the large bridge. The optimum speed is about 115 MPH, although in the Formula Gran Turismo it can be taken at 140-160 MPH. Nearing the exit of the corner, move up to either the top lane or the lane that is second from the top.

Corner 3aEdit

After going from the inside lane, go to the outside lane on the bridge to help set up for the S-curve. At the end of the bridge, brake hard, but not fully, to low third gear.

Sector 2Edit

Corner 3bEdit

Keep at the same speed for the second part of the S-curve. Stay at the bottom lane until the corner begins to straighten out, then go to the top lane.

High Speed 1

Corner 4

Corner 4/Pit EntryEdit

At the exit of the tunnel, stay towards the inside of the track to help set up for the final turn. If you wish to pit, stay to the outside (left-hand) side of the road in order to have an easier entry into the pit lane. Start to brake for the corner after the second bridge with advertising. Enter the final turn late and turn in hard, leaving about half a car width between the car and the wall. If the car goes to the top, it is possible to go back to the bottom at mid corner. At exit, go back to the top to set up again for the first corner. Stay at the lane below the yellow markings of the front straight.


  • The track is likely based from one of the tracks in Motor Toon Grand Prix, PD's first game.
  • When playing the normal direction of the course in GT4, the pit-lane exit for the reverse circuit was not blocked by a tire-wall, only a line of cones, so it is possible to enter pit without making a pit stop.
    • However, in Gran Turismo PSP, the line of cones was replaced with a tire-wall.
  • In the Test Drive demo build of the first Gran Turismo game, the course was originally set in the morning. This skybox was retained in license tests where sections of the course are used, and it is possible to restore the skybox to the full course using cheat devices.
    • The course preview video in Gran Turismo 2s arcade mode also features the same morning skybox.
  • This is only track to not have a course guide in GT5P.



  1. As a hidden track, inaccessible through normal means