The Honda CB1300 SUPER BOL D'OR '05 is a Street bike produced by Honda Motorcycles. It only appears in Tourist Trophy.


There are two color schemes available for this bike:

  • Pearl Fadeless White/Candy Arcadian Red
  • Darkness Black Metallic/Heavy Grey Metallic

In-game Description

Other than the frame-mounted half fairing, the CB1300 Super Bol D'Or has essentially the same construction as the 2005 CB1300 Super Four. In' fact, it was modeled after the CB1300 Super Four Type R, which the CB1300 Super Four development team built from the production version to compete in the Suzuka 8-Hour Endurance Race. To enhance the model's racing image, Honda released a limited-production run of 100 units of the CB1300 Super Four Dream Special in the fall of 2004. This machine was tricked out to the max, with a PIAA HID headlight, custom front fairing and windscreen, a full exhaust system, including muffler, from Moriwaki Engineering, an optional single-piece fairing, and machined aluminum handlebars. Ahead of Japan's April 2005 ban on tandem riding on highways, Honda released the CB1300 Super Bol D'Or, infusing it with plenty of touches reminiscent of a Suzuka endurance racer. The name "Bol D'Or," meaning "gold cup," harkens back to the late-70s exploits of the mighty CB900F and CB750F Bol D'Or in European endurance championships. Still maintaining the feel of the CB1300 Super Four, the CB1300 Bol D'Or, with a frame-mounted fairing that provides better wind protection, offers more touring comfort whether riding solo or two- up. The handlebars are positioned for an upright riding position instead of a racing crouch. The slightly larger front-wheel load emphasizes handling stability over response - but still retains more than enough response for exhilarating riding on winding roads. The redesigned instrument panel looks different but retains the same functionality: twin trip meters, clock, fuel gauge, and countdown meter. The blue backlighting for the instrument panel is the same as on the first-generation 1300. The inner pocket in the right-side fairing is a practical touch. This model also features the same antilock braking system as the SF.


  • This bike can be acquired by selecting it in Challenge Mode, and completing the event: 3-lap Pass - Laguna Seca Raceway which requires the Junior License


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