Honda RC162 '61
Honda RC162
Appears in Tourist Trophy
Manufacturer Honda Motorcycles
Displacement 249cc
Engine Air-cooled inline-4
Max Power 40 BHP
Max Torque 15.2 lb-ft
Weight 126 kg (280 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 3.15 kg (6.9 lb) per horsepower

The Honda RC162 '61 is a Factory Racing bike produced by Honda Motorcycles. It only appears in Tourist Trophy.


The Honda RC162 was raced in the 1961 GP series. As with the previous 2RC143 racing bike, the spine frame was replaced by a new, open double loop type. The frame tubes do not have the same diameter throughout where, they taper out to a larger diameter at the steering head for increased strength and rigidity.

The engine was further developed and although compression ratio (10.5:1), valve angles (36 degrees inlet, 40 degrees exhaust) and bore and stroke (44 x 41 mm) are still the same, it now delivers, according to Honda, over 40 BHP at 14,000rpm. The cylinders are inclined 30 degrees, and the engine is 80 mm narrower, and to improve aerodynamics it is no longer equipped with a wet sump – the oil is now carried in a tank under the seat.



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