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The Indianapolis Superspeedway (or Indy as it is commonly referred to) is a real world track oval track that made its Gran Turismo appearance on GT5. It is one of three Real Life oval tracks in the series, the others being Daytona Superspeedway and Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway. The track is quite different to Daytona, because Indianapolis is a 2.5-mile or 4.02-kilometer quad oval track that is quite flat all around with close to 0 degrees of banking on the front and back straights and between 9 and 12 degrees banking in the corners, compared to the tri-oval Daytona with up to 31 degrees of banking and the dual oval Twin Ring Motegi's twin 10 degree bankings.


This part of the course is the oval portion, which is primarily used by NASCAR and IndyCar for their respective "Brickyard 400", and "Indianapolis 500" endurance races. It has four straights, and four turns, all of which are about 90 degrees, or, a quad-oval layout. The turns are wide, but not as wide, or as banked as Daytona, meaning a more drastic slow-down to engage the corners for the best result. Low-powered cars should have little trouble taking the corners with little to no braking but this will significantly waste a lot of lap time, while high-power cars are more likely to need to slow down a tad to take the corners at the right speed and avoid understeer, but this will also waste significant lap time.

In terms of car suitability, this course is best suited for high-powered high-grip cars due to how the rectangular oval corners can be taken without hesitation.


  • The Indianapolis Superspeedway was actually meant to appear in Gran Turismo 2 under the name Indi, but this circuit was incomplete, had many bugs (including AI's improper driving bug) and was not put into the game. The footage can be found below.

    Gran Turismo 2 (2nd Demo) - Secret & Beta Tracks *PART 2*

    Credit goes to MattJ155 (Skip to 04:00 if you want to see the full circuit)